Academic Regalia Information

Hopefully you have ordered your Academic Regalia for the August Virtual Commencement Ceremony.  Regalia will be delivered directly to you based on the information provided at the time of your order in late June.  If you have not ordered, please do so by visiting University Caps and Gown, INC.  Orders after March May 31 will need to be done directly through University Cap and Gown by calling: (978) 687-3086.  Please indicate that you missed the order deadline when calling.

About Academic Regalia

The MGH Institute values the centuries-old decorum and proud traditions associated with academia regalia.  With their unique heraldry and degree-specific designs, these regalia are long-standing emblems of our higher education culture. The cap, gown, and hood have become international symbols of learning and accomplishment.

We also recognize, while promoting an inclusive, welcoming Commencement experience for all, that there are traditional regalia and ceremonial garments of similar importance associated with other cultures.  Students who wish to substitute the regalia of their family heritage in place of the IHP regalia, should request an exemption from the IHP specifications by emailing

Note, the Institute will review and make a decision on all such requests in order to ensure the formal nature of Commencement. Please submit all requests for the 2021 ceremony by no later than Friday, April 16, 2021.

Important note:  Caps, Gowns, and Hoods (If applicable) are yours to keep after the Commencement Ceremonies.