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MGH Institute welcomes applications from individuals holding a Bachelor’s degree who seek to enter a career in healthcare; and from practicing healthcare professionals who want to develop as leaders within their professions. This is for degree programs and credentialed certificate programs.

Our professional staff provide information and answer questions you have during the admission and financial aid process, and ongoing information on tuition and fees.


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The application process and requirements vary by program and degree. Use the form fields below to find your program, view application requirements, or start the application process.

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Application Requirements

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Application Requirements

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Conditions of admission

When accepted, all students are admitted conditionally pending completion of outstanding admission requirements. These requirements are referred to as our “Conditions of Admission.”

Upon acceptance, please refer to the list below and ensure that you have met each condition. Failure to meet these requirements before matriculating to the MGH Institute of Health Professions can jeopardize your enrollment and registration status.

Official transcripts are required to verify the following:

  • Prerequisite Coursework Completion: Official transcript(s) showing satisfactory completion of all prerequisite courses (if applicable).
  • Final Transcript with Degree Posted: Official transcript showing satisfactory completion of an undergraduate degree.

Exemptions: Those applying through one of the Centralized Application Services (i.e. NursingCAS, PTCAS, CSDCAS, OTCAS, CASPA) are required to submit all transcripts to the CAS directly throughout the application process. In certain instances an official/final transcript will also be required to be sent to the MGH Institute for admitted students, only to verify the following:

  • Official/Final Transcript with Degree Posted (If the degree conferral date was not received and verified by the CAS).
  • Official Transcript showing satisfactory completion of all prerequisite courses. (If the pre-requisite courses were in-progress throughout the application process.)
  • Please note: In the case where you have requested official transcripts to be sent to our institution when courses were in-progress and not yet complete, an updated/final official transcript will be required once all coursework is completed.

As part of the application process, official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, should be sealed and sent directly from the institution to the MGH Institute of Health Professions, or a CAS system when applicable. Undergraduate and graduate coursework are included in this requirement. For official transcripts, the Office of Admissions strongly encourages the use of online electronic transcript ordering which can be sent directly admissions [at] mghihp.edu (subject: Transcript%20Ordering) (via email to admissions). If this is not an option and your institution does not participate in electronic transcript delivery, please request official transcripts to be sent to the mailing address listed below:

Admission Office
MGH Institute of Health Professions
36 First Avenue
Boston, MA 02129

Official copy of score report (if required):

  • GRE score report sent to us directly by Educational Testing Service (ETS). Please keep in mind that test scores can take up to 6 weeks to reach us from ETS.
  • TOEFL score report sent to us directly by Educational Testing Service (ETS), or IELTS score report sent to us directly. Please keep in mind that test scores can take up to 6 weeks to reach us.
  • TEAS score report sent to us directly by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI).

Exclusions: Please be advised that if an official test score was sent to a CAS (i.e. NursingCAS, PTCAS, CSDCAS, OTCAS, CASPA) and was verified by that system, another official test score report will not be required to be sent to the MGH Institute, unless specifically requested by the Director of Admission.

Applicants that have earned a degree from a non-US institution are required to submit a course-by-course credential evaluation from one of the following NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) members: Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc., SpanTran: The Evaluation Company, World Education Services (WES), or the Center for Educational Documentation. If you earned your bachelor's degree outside of the U.S. this credential evaluation must document minimum equivalency of a US baccalaureate degree or higher.

All new students with outstanding official documentation will be contacted by the Office of Admission close to enrollment. You may Admissions [at] mghihp.edu (email the Office of Admission) for any questions related to these requirements.

Information for waitlisted students

Admissions is not an exact science. We know from experience approximately how many offers we should make to fill our class, but in some years more applicants than we expect accept offers of admission to the MGH Institute of Health Professions; in other years, fewer do so. That’s when we accept students from our waitlist.

In general, there is no order or priority ranking with this list. If a student has been waitlisted, he/she has been deemed qualified for admission.

That being said, due to space restrictions, waitlisted students will only be admitted if a seat becomes available after the deposit deadline for admitted students.

Unfortunately, we cannot make predictions of any particular waitlisted applicant’s chances of getting an offer or even if we will go to the waitlist at all.

By nature, the waitlist process is extremely unpredictable, as it is dependent on decisions of our admitted students, which are to a great degree unpredictable.

We try to be sensitive to your need to plan for the future, but it is always possible that we will have unexpected no-shows up until the time of orientation.

As such, we may call waitlisted applicants as late as one week before the start of the term. We do everything we can to avoid that, but it has happened on occasion.

If it’s any comfort, please remember that ultimately, control is in your hands. You have the option to withdraw from consideration whenever you pass the point where the potential benefit of being admitted is not worth the cost of the uncertainty and stress.

Not long. We will call and also email if we have a space available for you, and you will be asked to make a commitment within a few days. That being said, you should be prepared to make a decision fairly quickly if a space opens up for you.

Due to our limited staff and increasing volume of applicants, we respectfully ask that you refrain from calling regarding your admission status.

While we understand that this is a difficult time with many uncertainties, please know that if your admission status changes at any point, we will be in contact with you immediately.

While it’s not in any way necessary to contact us, you are certainly welcome to supplement your application. If you are currently in school and can provide updated grades, this is the most helpful information you can give us.

If you’d like to indicate your ongoing interest in our program, you are welcome to email the admissions office at admissions [at] mghihp.edu (subject: Waitlist) (admissions[at]mghihp[dot]edu) and we will forward the information to the program. If you decide you are no longer interested in being considered, please let us know as well.

Unfortunately, we simply do not have the resources to offer interview opportunities to waitlisted candidates. We understand that you are anxious about an admissions decision, and we’ll let you know as soon as we can whether a place will be available for you.

If you choose to do so, you are more than welcome to submit your financial aid paperwork (FAFSA) to our Office of Financial Aid in advance of receiving an offer.

If you do receive an offer, you will then receive a financial aid award more quickly. If you’re not comfortable sending that information in without knowing that you’ll receive an offer, that’s perfectly fine too.

If an applicant receives a waitlist release letter, it is because the program has not had any additional spaces open up, therefore the decision was made to release some or all waitlisted students from further consideration. This is done primarily for the applicant, in order to allow for alternative planning.

If you’ve decided you’d like to reapply for admission, you will need to submit the required items via the new application cycle. Please contact the Office of Admissions (admissions [at] mghihp.edu (admissions[at]mghihp[dot]edu)) for specific questions related to your re-application.