Participate in our research, or find resources to conduct research as a PhD student or faculty member

In this section you will find parameters around research subjects, how to recruit them, resources for conducting research and applying for grants, policies for both faculty and student research, and a listing of available studies open to Rehabilitation PhD students.

IHP Community Members as Research Subjects

Recruitment of MGH Institute Students

For the mutual protection of the student, investigator, and the Institute, any protocol in which MGH Institute students are recruited must be approved by the MGB Institutional Review Board (IRB).


Recruitment of Employees/Students in Investigator’s Department

Studies of volunteers who are directly supervised by the investigator(s) or who are the investigator's students should be avoided and will usually be disapproved by the IRB. In this setting, there are confidentiality problems and issues of coercion or obligation (either real or perceived), which are best avoided entirely. It is acceptable to advertise for volunteers in approved areas in the investigator's department or within the Institute (following IRB and Institute guidelines) and allow individuals in the department who are not directly supervised by the investigator(s) to participate in research studies.