Student Research

All student research projects must be carried out under the direct supervision of at least one MGH IHP faculty member. MGH IHP faculty members are responsible for reviewing student research projects to ensure adequacy of the specific aims, study design, study procedures, outcome measures and methods of analysis prior to submission to the IRB review. MGH IHP faculty may consult other faculty members with research expertise or the Director of Research Programs, as needed, on project development.

Except in special circumstances (see Exception to Mass General Brigham IRB Review for Student Projects below), all student research projects involving human subjects must be submitted to the Mass General Brigham IRB through the Mass General Brigham Insight system. The MGH IHP faculty member must be listed as the Principal Investigator and the submission must be reviewed and signed off in Insight by the PI faculty member and, when applicable, the Program Director before the Mass General Brigham IRB receives the submission for review. The Program Director’s signature signifies that the MGH IHP faculty member and student have the expertise and resources to conduct the research and that the research project is acceptable for IRB review. 

Exception to Mass General Brigham IRB Review for Student Projects

Students conducting research at an outside institution with its own IRB may not need to submit to the Mass General Brigham IRB. In such cases, the student may submit documentation of IRB approval to the IHP faculty supervisor and the Provost’s Office. The Provost’s Office, in consultation with the Mass General Brigham IRB, will determine whether Mass General Brigham IRB review is needed.