A campus as inspiring as the professions we teach

Welcome to the MGH Institute's beautiful Charlestown Navy Yard campus, the hub for your health professions continuing and graduate education. From the scenic view of the Boston skyline across the harbor to quaint gas street lamps that line the streets, students enjoy meeting and studying in this magnificent setting.


181,000 square feet of space across campus


Buildings located in historic Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston


Clinical affiliations at MGB and other leading institutions

Buildings across campus

In 2013, the school expanded into two new buildings, giving it a total of 130,000 square feet in seven buildings. The expansion includes a reception area and offices in One Constitution Wharf for Information Technology and Campus Services on the ground floor.

Two Constitution Wharf (2CW)

In 2012 the Institute expanded by 21,000 square feet taking over the top floor of 2 Constitution Wharf, just outside the Navy Yard and directly overlooking the USS Constitution, more commonly known as “Old Ironsides.” The addition includes new and expanded rehabilitation labs, a 102-seat active-learning classroom with state-of-the-art technology, the Tabor/Connor OT Center for Learning, Participation, and Rehabilitation, and a student lounge and study area.

Pro-Bono Center 

In fall of 2017 the new Dr. Charles and Ann Sanders IMPACT Practice Center opened in 2CW, encompassing all of our centers that provide pro-bono services to our local communities.  There is a stairway that connects the ground floor center with the OT Center on the 2nd floor


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Catherine Filene Shouse Building

The Catherine Filene Shouse (Shouse) Building at 36 1st Avenue is the graduate school's main building which houses many of our classrooms, labs, and departmental offices. The departmental offices for the School of Nursingthe School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and its departments of Communication Sciences and DisordersGenetic CounselingOccupational TherapyPhysical Therapy and Physician Assistant Studies are all in the Shouse Building; as is the nursing-led initiative the Center for Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Health 

On the second floor is a Reflection Room (Room 202), a space available for all members of the IHP community for quiet reflection, prayer, meditation, yoga, and similar activities.  And on the fourth floor is one of our Information Technology Help Desks.

Labs in the Shouse Building

The Institute's skills assessment labs, simulation labs, and physical assessment lab provide simulated hospital environments for students developing their clinical skills.

The Shouse Simulation Lab contains two acute-care rooms, a control/observation room, and an office (Room 108D) for the Institute's simulation education specialist.

The school has more than two dozen interactive simulation manikins, including a birthing manikin, a pediatric manikin, and a 3G SimMan to help students learn to treat a wide variety of symptoms and health situations. Vital Sign simulators now have touch panels installed replacing the original handheld remote controls.

The labs, located on the main and third floors of the Institute's main academic building, are well-lit pleasant areas where students spend much of their time learning basic skills.

Mother's Corner Rooms

The Mothers' Corner is a program for Partners employees, including students at the MGH Institute, returning to work/school after maternity leave.  The Mothers' Corner provides new mothers with the opportunity to continue breastfeeding while back at work/school.  We are fortunate to be able to offer an efficient electric breast pump in most of our comfortable, private lactation rooms. 

In 2009, The Mothers' Corner was awarded the Breastfeeding-Friendly Award from the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition, a non-profit that honors employers who actively support their employees who want to continue breastfeeding when they return to work after maternity leave.

There are two Mother's Corner rooms at the MGH Institute: One on the first floor of the Shouse Building at the end of the lobby, and the other in 2CW on the second floor in the OT Center.  There is also one in the MGH  Building 149 in the Navy Yard. 

Across the street from the Shouse Building in Building 34 are a number of departments and offices. The Office of Enrollment Services (OES) – Admission, Financial Aid, the Registrar, and Bursar – is on the ground floor.

The Executive Administrative offices – including the Offices of the President, the Provost, Finance & Administration, Human ResourcesDevelopment, and Strategic Communications – along with the Center for Interprofessional Studies and Innovation are on the second and third floors of Building 34.

The Janis P. Bellack Library & Study Commons, which opened in June 2015, is located on the entire top floor of Building 38 – one street away from the school's Catherine Filene Shouse main academic building on 1st Avenue in the Charlestown Navy Yard. The Commons has 9,000 square feet where students can study and learn in an interprofessional environment.

The Library features a room for quiet study and a collaborative space for group learning. The library collection includes access to thousands of electronic journals and books and a community health collection that includes anatomical models and patient education materials. Institute librarians are on hand to help students access the electronic collection of the Treadwell Library at Massachusetts General Hospital. 


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In Building 39, on the ground floor, are the Office of Student and Alumni Services (OSAS), and departmental offices for faculty. 

Expanding to 14,000 square feet is our new Center for Health & Rehabilitation Research in Building 79/96. The building accommodates faculty researchers leading the Institute’s growing focus on research, with research funding surpassing $16 million.


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The Office of Police and Security is on the first floor of Building 149 in the Charlestown Navy Yard.

Mass General Hospital Cafeteria in the Navy Yard. Breakfast and lunch. It is in Building 149 nearest the 9th Street entrance.

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