Genetic Counseling is expanding. We'll help you grow with it.

Evolving technologies have created an important transition in genetic counseling with a newer emphasis on genomics. Genetic counselors are increasingly being recognized for their contributions to primary care, and the vital role they play in today's healthcare settings. We provide students with cutting-edge training for genetics and genomics, as well as preparing you to understand how individuals engage cognitively and emotionally with genomic information.

Outstanding clinical and non-clinical fieldwork experiences, expansive research opportunities, dedicated faculty, and an active-learning curriculum create an engaging learning environment that equips genetic counseling students to provide exemplary patient care, recognize and attend to the needs of their clients, effectively communicate complex genetic information, and advance genomics research.

Genetic Counseling Faculty

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Maureen Flynn, MS, CGC, MPH

Chair, Associate Professor Genetic Counseling

Gayun Chan Smutko

Associate Professor Associate Chair Genetic Counseling

Joel Krier, MD, MMSc, FACMG

Associate Professor, Medical Director Genetic Counseling

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Director of Student Research Associate Professor Genetic Counseling