Setting new standards in education. So you can set new standards of care.

Leading the way with our innovative teaching model and clinical practice grounded in interprofessional education, we offer a wide range of highly ranked health and rehabilitation sciences programs across six departments. Our graduates are elevating care delivery and advancing professional practice through global leadership, service, research, and innovation.


The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences prepares health and rehabilitation professionals to serve individuals, communities, and organizations through the advancement of health professions education, research, and service.


The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences aspires to be recognized as a leader in health professions education that:

  • Leads in innovative interprofessional education, contributing to the development of new model of teaching and clinical practice in health and rehabilitation sciences.
  • Models an inclusive environment that integrates academic and clinical settings, supporting diversity of people and ideas.
  • Disseminates interprofessional scholarship in areas of clinical and educational excellence.
  • Educates graduates who are empowered to use their skills in global leadership, service, and innovation to advance professional practice and contribute to care delivery and wellness.
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