The Dr. David Krebs Doctoral Research Fund Award

The Dr. David Krebs Doctoral Research Fund was established by family and friends of Dr. Krebs to honor his passion for the rehabilitation sciences.  He was first and foremost a physical therapist who was also a biomechanist and who loved to do anything with tools and engineering.  In addition, Dr. Krebs was a prolific contributor to research literature with over 200 publications and the recipient of many awards for his important contributions to professional education and research.  During his time at the MGH Institute of Health Professions Dr. Krebs was a staunch advocate for a PhD Program. The MGH Institute established a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences in 2012. The Dr. David Krebs Doctoral Research Fund will provide funds to current PhD students to support their scholarly activities and dissemination of research in areas related to motor function. A maximum of one award for $2000 is given each year.

2024 - Amber LaMarca
2024 - Matthew Picard-Fraser
2023 – Marc F. Maffei
2022 – Michael Kiefer
2022 – Baothy Huynh
2021 – Stephen Wechsler
2020 – Danielle Kline
2020 – Isha Vora
2019 – Hanna Rowe
2018 – Kaila Stipanic
2017 – Emily Evans
2017 – Bridget Perry
2016 – Erin Futrell
2015 – Donna Scarborough

The Gregory L. Lof Dissertation Support Fund Award

In his 20 years at the Institute, Dr. Lof has maintained an unwavering focus on the wellbeing of his students and has strived to ensure they have the resources required to be successful. He understands the importance of financial support as students work toward achieving their aspirations. It is with this devotion to student success that Dr. Lof helped to establish the Gregory L. Lof Dissertation Support Fund as his legacy at the Institute. The fund distributes one award of approximately $1,000 per year to any PhD candidate to support their research dissertation expenses not covered by other sources of funding. All things being equal, a CSD student will receive preference but the award is available to students from all disciplines.

2024 - Melissa Feller
2023 – Katharine Radville
2022 – Carla Hendricks
2021 – None Awarded
2020 – None Awarded
2019 – None Awarded
2018 – None Awarded
2017 – None Awarded