New Investigator Award

About this Award

The award will be announced and presented at Faculty Convocation. The awardee will be presented with a financial token of appreciation and a commemorative plaque. This award will only be given when there is a qualified candidate and does not have to be given every year.  

Purpose of the Award

The purpose of this award is to honor an MGH Institute of Health Professions (IHP) faculty member who has achieved distinction in the early stages of a research career by developing a program of research that is recognized for 1) creating new knowledge that significantly impacts the scientific basis of his or her field of practice, and 2) advancing the research mission of the IHP. Nominees will be evaluated based on the scope and impact of their research programs.


All Institute faculty, research and academic staff are eligible to nominate their colleagues for this award. 

  • Candidate must hold the position of Assistant Professor.
  • Candidates who joined the IHP within the last 3 years as Assistant Professor are eligible for this award. 
  • Own Research activity has potential to contribute to the IHP research mission and has not received the award previously.


  • Evidence of a clear programmatic line of research.
  • Number and quality of peer-reviewed publications.
  • A record of external grant writing.
  • Internal and/ or external research funding.


Please assemble the following items into a single PDF and email it to the Office of the Provost by April 15:

  1. Name, Title, School/Dept of Nominee with 250-word nomination letter that tell us why they deserve this research award. Provide specific examples that address the award criteria.
  2. Letter of support from the Department Chair/Program Director.
  3. The nominee’s CV/Biosketch.
  4. Digital copies of up to 4 publications that best illustrate the nominee’s influence over the research in his or her field with a brief paragraph describing the same. 

View list of past recipients