Term Lecturer Orientation Resources

If you are not an MGH employee, please go to the Employee Access Center, located on the MGH Main Campus - Bulfinch Building Room 107 - to present appropriate identification for both your CORI and your I-9 form. The Employee Access Center is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm and Thursday from 9:30am to 4:30pm. You will need to bring your required I-9 identification with you to the EAC to complete your CORI and your I9.

If you are not able to come during these hours, you may complete your required CORI and I9 with a notary and mail it to Human Resources. Copies of the documents the Notary attested to for your CORI and I9 must be included with what you send to HR. A scanned copy of this information must also be sent to termlecturers [at] mghihp.edu (termlecturers[at]mghihp[dot]edu). Please contact HR if you plan to proceed with this option.

All new hire paperwork listed below must be completed within one week of receiving your contract and returned to Human Resources via email at termlecturers [at] mghihp.edu (termlecturers[at]mghihp[dot]edu). This will allow Human Resources to process your paperwork in time before your anticipated start date with us.

You will receive your contract via email. Please review, sign it and make an appointment with Human Resources to return it along with the rest of the paperwork listed below.

For the two forms listed below, please fill out the information on the forms and then bring your original government-issued identification documents to the Employee Access Center (location and information listed above). Photocopies and expired identification will not be accepted.

CORI Information Form: Please bring your Driver’s License, Visa, or Passport.

Form I-9: In preparation for your first day you need to complete the Federal I-9 form in the HireRight I-9 system. After confirming your appointment with Human Resources, you will be entered into the HireRight I-9 system, where you will receive an e-mail from HireRight with instructions on how to log-in and complete the form. Click on the link in the body of that email and enter all of the requested information. 

The lists of accepted identifications to bring to the Employee Access Center for your I-9 can be found here.

To view and download the attached forms, please click on the titles of the forms below.

You will have 2 weeks to complete the required training on HIPAA Privacy and Security through the HealthStream online training module. To access your training:

  • Log on to HealthStream
  • Enter your network logon or PeopleSoft ID and a password.
  • Under the “My Learning” tab, locate and select the course titled: “HIPAA New Workforce Training”.
  • In the following screen, under Learning Activities, select the presentation link.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the training.

Institute Policies

Organizational Information

Technology Resources

Teaching Resources


Non-Discrimination Policy

The MGH Institute of Health Professions does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, status as a parent, or national origin. The Institute respects and values the diverse backgrounds of all people and welcomes them to fully participate in campus life.

This policy incorporates, by reference, the requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendments, and all relevant federal, state, and local laws, statutes, and regulations.

The Title IX Compliance Officer for Faculty and Staff is the Director of Human Resources. The Compliance Officer for Students is the Dean of Student Affairs. They have been appointed to coordinate the Institute’s efforts to comply with the law. See Title IX Compliance Overview.

The MGH Institute of Health Professions is an equal opportunity employer, committed to workforce diversity. EOE/AA.

Once you have completed the new hire forms, you are ready to begin planning for your course. The information in this section pertains primarily to term lecturers who will be present on campus in Charlestown.

Employees who will be on campus need to obtain a photo identification badge that must be worn at all times when on MGH and Institute premises.

ID badges are the property of MGH Police and Security. It is against regulations to share or give away an ID badge for any reason. MGH IHP ID badges are for use by an employee or student only. Non-compliance will result in a direct consequence/penalty.

Badges are issued at the Office of Police and Security on the first floor of Building 149 in the Charlestown Navy Yard. The hours of operation are Noon–2:00 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays.

The identification badge also serves as your building access key and as a disaster pass in case of public emergency.

Loss of ID Badge: Contact MGH Police & Security and they will deactivate it after 24 hours. There is a cost for replacement ID badges.



You can reach our campus in the Charlestown Navy Yard by car, subway, commuter rail, bus, shuttle, ferry, bicycle, or foot.

Although we encourage using public transportation, if you arrive by car, you have several options for parking. Evening and weekend parking will be much easier to find.

Hours of Operation and Building Access

Security guards are located in the lobby of Building 36 and on the second floor of 2 Constitution Center.


For 24/7 recorded information, call the "School Closing Information Line" at (617) 724-8484.

Connect-Ed announcements will also be made to faculty, staff, and students. This is the official Institute communication method for school closings. Connect-Ed sends out announcements by email and phone for students, faculty and staff. To add or update email/phone information, go to IOnline to the Address Change screen.

In the event of inclement weather (or other events) that necessitates MGH Institute to close or cancel classes, announcements will also be broadcast on the following Boston stations:

These stations will both broadcast and post-school closings on their respective websites.

WHDH-TV, Channel 7 will only post closings on their website.

Register online to receive automatic cell phone text or email alerts with WCVB-TV, Channel 5, or WHDH-TV, Channel 7 .


All calls for Medical Assistance (617-726-5400) are received through the Navy Yard MGH Police and Security Dispatch.

The dispatcher will collect all pertinent information regarding the medical issue: Type of assistance needed (victim's condition), location, victim’s name, caller’s name, etc.

What happens next?

  • Dispatcher notifies all units via radio and 911 as necessary. Officers will respond with the department’s First Responder Kit, which includes an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and oxygen. Officers will assess the victim, continually communicating information to dispatcher. Additionally the responding patrol officer will stand by outside the respective building to wait for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and to escort them to the scene.
  • An MGH officer will remain with the victim to administer First Aid as needed.
  • MGH officer is in charge of the victim until relieved by EMS or another resource with superior skill set, and will remain in charge of scene safety.
  • All MGH officers are First Responders and/or Emergency Medical technician (EMT) Level.
  • If you are certified in CPR, First Responder or higher medical license, let the on scene officer know and offer your help.
  • You can be helpful by allowing the first responders to work unobtrusively and helping keep on-lookers at a distance from the scene.

Emergency Preparedness

Together with MGH Police and Security, the IHP has developed plans to respond to a range of emergencies.

Please use and respect room reservations and class schedules.

After each class, please erase any markings on the board and return computers and seats to their original set up.

Academic Calendar

The Registrar maintains calendars for several years in the future listing deadlines for course withdrawal, final exam schedules, and observed holidays.

Religious and Cultural Holidays (Found on our JEDI Page)

Be mindful of scheduling in-class assignments during religious and cultural holidays and make accommodations for students who cannot attend.

The Registrar is responsible for room scheduling for classes. The Registrar handles all credit-related room requests.

The Office of Facilities is responsible for scheduling non-credit-related meetings and/or events, study groups, etc. Please submit a request by using the EMS system.

Contact information for faculty and staff is located in the Directory.