New Employee Orientation

Welcome to the MGH Institute of Health Professions! The Department of Human Resources provides a comprehensive Institute New Employee Orientation program for all new faculty and staff. The New Employee Orientation program is composed of three phases. Details on these three phases are available below. In addition, all faculty will attend New Faculty Orientation (For Faculty Only) and all staff and faculty will have a School and Department Orientation that will include job/position specific orientation and training.

The first phase is an in-person orientation session. During this initial phase, new employees will complete required new hire paperwork, learn about the Institute’s history, mission, vision, and key strategic priorities, receive information on Human Resources related information including payroll, policies, benefits, and parking/commuting options, and learn about norms for communication at the Institute and tips for resource navigation around the Institute. This is a half-day session. 

The second phase of the New Employee Orientation program is completed online in one of the Institute’s learning management tools called HealthStream. Many of these trainings are related to compliance and safety at the Institute. New Employees will be required to complete some training during their first week at the Institute and other training will be spread across their first month. Employees are responsible to schedule time to complete these required trainings.

The third phase of the New Employee Orientation Program is a series of social/interactive opportunities for new hires to meet with other new hires and learn more about the Institute. Three times a year, September through May, new hires will be invited to attend these new hire connections meetings. Other social and interactive components to phase three of the New Employee Orientation program include the following activities:

  • President Milone-Nuzzo's Group Faculty and Staff Lunches

New Faculty Orientation (For Faculty Only): In addition to the Institute’s New Employee Orientation Program, the Office of the Provost conducts a New Faculty Orientation one to two times a year. Information about this orientation will be made available by the Provost’s Office.

School and Department Orientation: The Institute Schools and departments also have department and job specific orientations that will take place in the employee’s department. Your manager or supervisor will provide you more information on your department and job specific orientation.

Department Overview/New Hire Connections Sessions

The first 10 minutes will be devoted to new employee introductions and sharing any tips or advice to new colleagues about the IHP.

45 minutes will then be devoted to a social activity that will give new employees the opportunity to connect and network with other new hires as well as learn more about navigating the Institute.