Teaching Excellence Academy for Learning (TEAL)


TEAL will:

  • Promote the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Honor Institute faculty who demonstrate sustained contributions to teaching excellence
  • Spread promising practices in health professions education
  • Provide mentorship for early career faculty members


The Academy will elect up to three fellows each year. After three years, members will become honorary fellows of the Academy, so there will be no more than nine active members at a time. Applicants may come from any academic program and any rank. Faculty members must have at least three years of service at the IHP with an FTE of 0.5 or above.

Nomination Requirements

Faculty members will self-nominate by sending an electronic dossier to the Office of the Provost by December 15 each year. The packet should include:

  • Statement of teaching philosophy
  • Artifacts that demonstrate fulfillment of membership criteria
  • Letter of support from chair or dean
  • Completed teaching portion of self-evaluation template for promotion

Membership Criteria

A selection committee comprised of the academic deans, the instructional designers, and the Faculty Senate chair will review applications once a year. New fellows will be notified and begin their terms in January. All applicants will receive feedback on their applications. Successful candidates will demonstrate:

  1. Teaching effectiveness (classroom, clinic, curricular development)
  2. Record of peer-reviewed scholarship of teaching and learning regardless of chosen area of scholarly impact
  3. Educational leadership and mentorship (service to colleagues, school/program, institution, and profession)
  4. Commitment to interprofessional education and practice

Membership Benefits

For the three-year span they serve as active fellows of TEAL, members will receive:

  • $3,000 discretionary account for professional development
  • Public recognition at Faculty Convocation

All active and honorary fellows will receive:

  • Use of the title “Distinguished Teaching Professor” (according to current faculty rank)
  • Invitation to induction ceremony with speaker

Membership Responsibilities

Fellows of the Teaching Academy will contribute to the Institute’s educational mission by:

  1. Acting as peer reviewers of teaching for faculty members in other programs
  2. Joining the selection committee for the Nancy T. Watts Award for Teaching Excellence
  3. Serve as mentors to other faculty in the scholarship of teaching and learning

Pending need, they may also choose to:

  1. Participate in teaching development activities at the Institute (1-2 per year)
  2. Consult with academic units and Institute-wide committees on teaching effectiveness
  3. Join a planning committee for an annual teaching and learning conference in conjunction with the Office of Continuing and Professional Development

At the end of each year in the Academy, active fellows must write a short summary of their activities related to teaching and learning. The Associate Provost for Academic Affairs will review the summaries to ensure that members have fulfilled their responsibilities and to approve their continued membership in the Academy.

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