Award for Excellence in Advancing Interprofessional Education and Practice

About this Award

The award will be announced and presented at the Institute’s annual Academic Convocation. The individual or team being recognized will be presented with a financial token of appreciation and a commemorative plaque. This award will only be given when there is a qualified nominee and does not need to be given every year.

Purpose of the Award

This award honors an individual or team that has distinguished itself in advancing interprofessional education or practice (IPE/P) within, or in collaboration with, MGH Institute of Health Professions.    


If an individual recipient, the award winner will hold a faculty appointment or serve as a term lecturer at MGH Institute of Health Professions. Team nominees must include an IHP faculty member to be eligible for the award.  All Institute faculty, staff, and students are eligible to nominate their colleagues and collaborators for this award.


A committee with representation from faculty, administration, and students will evaluate the nominees' qualifications for evidence of:

  • Vision and commitment to advancing interprofessional education or practice.  
  • A collaborative approach to communicating and working with relevant stakeholder groups when implementing interprofessional initiatives.
  • Exemplary high quality work that is theory or evidence based and illustrative of best practice.
  • Evaluation of the interprofessional work and use of data to inform process improvement and document impacts.
  • Commitment to sharing expertise and results by:
    • Serving as a mentor or role model in enhancing IPE/P
    • Scholarly impact though dissemination of work through peer-reviewed publication or other methods


Please assemble the following items into a single ELECTRONIC packet and email it to the Office of the Provost by April 15:

  1. A cover letter from the nominator(s) describing how the nominated individual or team meets the award criteria
  2. Supporting materials, as appropriate (e.g. supporting letters from stakeholders; course or program evaluation results; samples of peer-reviewed publications resulting from nominee’s IPE/P efforts, etc.). Nominators may inform the nominee and enlist their assistance in gathering supporting material.


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