Request for Statistical Consultations

In order to “triage” the large number of statistical consultation requests I receive, I have set up a consultation request system.  Requests will be separated into two categories:  short term-requests and ongoing consultation or collaboration.  Click on the corresponding button to be direct to the form to fill out your request. For more information about each of these types of requests, see below.       

Short-term or one-time requests: 

For requests that likely do not need follow-up and can be addressed in a 30-60 minute appointment  (e.g., discussing or determining the appropriate analysis plan, double-checking analyses, reviewing/interpreting output, trouble-shooting analyses issues, etc.).  It may be possible that at our initial consultation, we determine we need a follow-up meeting.  If that is the case, we will try to schedule something together at the consultation.  There is no limit to the number of “one-time” requests you can make. 

Ongoing consultation or collaboration: 

For requests where you would like me to conduct the data analyses, or collaborate on a grant/project as the methodologist/data analyst.  Appointments for initial consultations should take about an hour. The purpose of this meeting is for me to gain familiarity with your project, research questions, methods, and data set/variables. Together, we will make an initial determination of what type(s) of analyses will best answer your research questions and whether I am the appropriate resource to help you answer those questions. If I will be doing the analyses, we will discuss expectations for how long the analyses will take to conduct, when I will be able to start work on your analyses, and my authorship role on any manuscripts/products. 

I look forward to working with you!

Annie Fox

Annie B. Fox, PhD
Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods
Center for Interprofessional Studies and Innovation
Building 79/96, Room 217, Center for Health & Rehabilitation Research
(617) 643-6547



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