The mission of the Learning and Development (LEAD) Lab is to optimize outcomes for children with developmental language disorders by identifying factors that affect their learning. We use behavioral and neuroimaging measures to evaluate neural activity in the brain as it relates to typical and atypical learning. Our goal is to translate this knowledge into an effective intervention approach for children with language learning challenges.

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Behavioral and neuroscience methods examine the relationship between learning, language ability, and cognitive factors in children with developmental language disorders and children with typical development.

Register Your Child for an Upcoming Study

We are recruiting school-age children (ages 8-11) to participate in our research studies. We are looking for children with typical language development and those who have language/learning challenges (grammatical errors, difficulties with reading/listening comprehension). For more information, please CNGLEAD [at] MGHIHP.EDU (email us) or call us at (617) 724-7363

Lab Team

Meet Our Team
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Professor, Co-Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Group Communication Sciences and Disorders Director of the PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences Program

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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Clinical Research Coordinator Cognitive Neuroscience Group | Lead Lab

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Clinical Research Coordinator Cognitive Neuroscience Group