Dr. Julie Keysor is a Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, at MGH Institute of Health Professions, and Director of the Behavior, Abilities and Technology Lab (B-ABLE). With backgrounds in physical therapy and public health/health behavior sciences, Dr. Keysor's work addresses the intersection of movement with behavior within the environmental context to promote activity and participation in daily life. Dr. Keysor has received funding for her work from the Arthritis Foundation, National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research, Centers of Disease Control, Boston University, and MGH Institute of Health Professions. 

  • BS, Physical Therapy, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
  • MS, Human Movement Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC
  • PhD, Health Behavior and Health Education, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

Research Interests

Behavior Change, Disablement, Enablement, Adherence, Activity and Participation Promotion, Rehabilitation Behavioral Engineering.

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