Teaching Development Domains

The Institute deploys a wide range of resources to support the development of its faculty in their roles as health professions educators. These faculty development resources are organized into four major domains:


Planning & Preparation

This domain encompasses the how-to of teaching. Instructors should have foundational knowledge of the process involved in teaching and a willingness to advance these skills overtime. Planning and preparation includes

  • An understanding of pedagogy, target student populations, overall design, and available resources

  • The methodology of how to design a coherent course, integrated interactions and learning experiences, and assessment/outcome measures

  • The technical nuts and bolts of how to plan and prepare for each component of a course

Learning Environment

This domain provides an understanding of the robust set of physical and virtual resources which enables students, faculty, staff and guests to engage in teaching, learning, research and scholarship activities across all modalities. The learning environment provides faculty with the opportunity to leverage the convergence of physical and virtual space, engage external sources, and infuse information, communication and technology resources while providing students with planned and accidental learning experiences. Responsibilities within the learning environment domain include

  • Identifying components of the learning environment

  • Having a familiarity with the tools for engaging students within specific learning modalities

  • Understanding the roles of faculty and student expectations within each modality

  • Knowledge of the resources available for measuring student assessment and supporting SOTL

Facilitating Learning

This domain encompasses the skills and knowledge instructors need to engage their students in learning. It involves putting the planning and preparation into action and responding to situations as they unfold within the learning environment. The skills and knowledge specific to this domain include

  • Implementing appropriate activities and assignments that will integrate with instructional materials and improve the learning outcomes of students

  • Setting expectations for student work and providing feedback based on student performance

  • Recognizing disconnects in the learning process adjusting to meet students’ learning needs as well as the evolving class environment

Professional Responsibilities

This domain acknowledges that health professions faculty members assume a range of professional responsibilities related specifically to their roles as teachers. It encompasses generic responsibilities that apply to all, regardless of the specialty or content areas in which we teach. Professional responsibilities in teaching include:

  • Aligning teaching practices with current evidence in the educational and health professions education literature

  • Contributing to the development of best practices in health professionals education through engagement in the IHP teaching community and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, including dissemination of findings to the larger educational community

  • Engaging in lifelong learning and reflective practice related to content knowledge, teaching, and learning

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