NCFDD is an independent professional development, training and mentoring community for faculty, post-docs and graduate students, and other members of the academic community dedicated to successful career advancement and professional growth. NCFDD offers workshops, professional development training, and intensive mentorship programs.

The NCFDD training teaches concrete, empirically tested strategies for increasing productivity and pays special attention to the challenges of underrepresented faculty. In addition to monthly training workshops, NCFDD provides an opportunity for individual scholars to become more effective.

As an institutional member of the NCFDD, the MGH Institute community has access to relevant professional development training, support from highly trained and successful mentors, a confidential “safe space” for problem solving, and on-demand tools and resources. 

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  • Weekly Monday Motivator newsletters 
  • The NCFDD Core Curriculum (more info below)
  • Guest Expert Webinars and Multi-Week Skill-Building Courses (more info below)
  • Hidden Handbook series
  • Dissertation Success Curriculum for advanced graduate students
  • 14-Day Writing Challenges
  • Discussion Forum for peer-mentoring and problem-solving
  • Monthly accountability buddy matches, by request
  • Moderated monthly writing challenges
  • Early Career Faculty Guidebook
  • Library of educational webinars and multi-week course recordings

Utilize an extensive library of trainings offered with NCFDD membership. Development opportunities include core curriculum workshops, writing challenges, and guest expert webinars. Please log in to your NCFDD account for a complete list of upcoming webinar events.

The NCFDD core curriculum is designed to support the development of 10 essential skills and strategies that support career success in academia, including:

  • Individual strategic planning
  • Developing a consistent daily writing habit
  • Aligning time with evaluation criteria
  • Confronting and overcoming writing resistance
  • Resolving conflict in a healthy way
  • Learning the art of saying “no”
  • Managing stress and rejection
  • Cultivating a network of mentors, sponsors, collaborators

The core curriculum teaches empirically tested best practices for all faculty. These foundational skills are critical to academic success and transcend discipline, rank, race, and gender, thus equitably benefiting many faculty, graduate students, and postdocs at any institution. Additionally, the curriculum also directly addresses unique challenges and obstacles that underrepresented scholars face. This is a highly unique aspect of the curriculum and ensures that resources are essential tools for all members of the campus community. 

  • Resources for greater success in publication and scholarly dissemination 
  • Tools for securing external funding for your research
  • Strategies to gain confidence as an independent researcher
  • Tips for fostering better working relationships with colleagues
  • Opportunities to grow your network with both campus-based and external mentors, sponsors, and collaborators
  • Increased job satisfaction and techniques to support work-life integration  

As a member of the MGH Institute community, you can register as a member of NCFDD at no additional cost. Use your MGH Institute email to register online: 

  1. Go to
  2. Choose MGH Institute of Health Professions from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Activate my Membership”
  4. Complete the registration form using your institutional email address (i.e.
  5. Go to your institution email to find a confirmation email. Click “Activate Account” in the confirmation email.

Questions? Need Help?

We encourage you to take advantage of the resources available to you through the NCFDD. If you have any questions or comments, please email the Provost Office or for technical questions, contact the NCFDD at

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