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Onramps Lane 3: Develop an Area of Scholarly Impact

For the fourth year, faculty members will have access to an Onramp to support them in gaining experience with scholarly dissemination. Each scholarly Onramp group is led by a faculty member with expertise around a specific theme and plans to produce a publication by the end of the academic year.

2020-2021 Onramp Groups


Post-Covid-19 Interventions in Rehabilitation

Leader: Mary Hildebrand, OT Faculty

Research Question(s)

1) What conditions and chronic conditions are patients experiencing post-Covid-19? 
2) What existing rehabilitation interventions may be effective in treating those conditions and chronic conditions that are a result of Covid-19? 

Roles for co-authors

  • Literature review
  • Manuscript drafting
  • Manuscript editing

Intended outcome: Program development for IMPACT Practice Center to implement with clients who have had Covid-19; Manuscripts on conditions and evidence-based rehabilitation strategies for clients post-Covid-19 that are targeted to specific health care professions.

Timeline: One year

Current stage: Idea phase

Area of impact: Application

Previous experience: Beginning Research Skills

Time Commitment: Two one-hour Zoom meetings per month; one to two hours per week for literature review


Climate Change and Mental Health

Leader: Patrice Nicholas, SON faculty

Research Question: What are the impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations related to mental health?

Roles for co-authors

  • Literature review
  • Development of Research Idea
  • Determine if a qualitative research study or scoping/systematic review

Intended outcome: Manuscript for publication if integrative/scoping/systematic review or manuscript of research findings if qualitative study

Timeline:  Manuscript for publication in one year if integrative/scoping/systematic review. If research study, 1) develop research protocol in fall 2020, submit protocol by January 2021, conduct research April-June 2021, write results and submit manuscript by September 2021.

Current stage: Idea.

Area of impact: Application

Previous experience: Only a passion for learning more about the health consequences of climate change

Time Commitment: Approximately 3-4 hours per week and attendance at bi-weekly meetings


Characteristics of the Patient Population at a Covid-19 Non-Congregate Shelter: An Analysis of Socioeconomic, Housing, and Health Risk Factors

Leader: Elissa Ladd, SON faculty

Research Question(s)

1) To describe the demographic, social, and health characteristics of the population of residents residing at the Chelsea/Revere non-congregate shelter during the Spring of 2020. 

2) To explore the fit of this data with an available predictive algorithm for residents in high risk housing.  

Roles for co-authors

  • Literature review
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Manuscript drafting
  • Manuscript editing

Intended outcome: Two papers submitted for publication​

Timeline: Fall and early spring

Current stage: Beginning

Area of impact: Discovery

Previous experience: This will depend on their role.  If they are working on the literature review or manuscript editing, a new researcher could work on that portion.  Data analysis or manuscript drafting would be suited for a researcher with some level of experience. 

Time Commitment: This is a quick turn around project so most of the work will have to occur in the fall and early spring. At least one day a week in the fall.