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The MGH Institute's continuing education programs deliver online, onsite, and hybrid learning opportunities to alumni, healthcare professionals, and others who want to expand their knowledge and opportunities.

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The Emerging Evidence in Practice and Education Webinar Series, co-sponsored by the IHP Office of Continuing Professional Development and IHP Office of Research, showcases findings resulting from the expertise of IHP faculty members and partners, creating a live, online forum for exploring and discussing research innovations and best practices in interprofessional education.

Cutting-edge research findings • Novel treatment techniques • New technologies in rehabilitation • Innovations in interprofessional education • Current and future implementation strategies
Project Relate is a continuation of years of research from both Google’s Speech and Research teams, made possible by over a million speech samples recorded by participants.
The Telehealth Foundations certificate course will provide you with a foundational understanding of telehealth as an innovative healthcare tool across multiple healthcare professions. By completing this self-paced learning experience, you will learn about important historical milestones in telehealth delivery, ethical and legal considerations, relevant reimbursement regulations, and examples for best practices in the evolving landscape of telehealth.
Self-paced, asynchronous online.