Our focus is on health professions education methods. REBEL is dedicated to innovating traditional educational techniques toward highest possible learning outcomes through the study of effectiveness of experiential teaching methods, specifically, but not limited to healthcare simulation, distance simulation, debriefing, and integrated feedback.

Current Research

Neuroscience of learning using mixed teaching methodologies.

Standardized patients or actors, manikins, time and process flows, prebriefing, debriefing, and feedback.

Distance platforms, distance + in-person, VR/AR/XR, distance debriefing.

Who, what, when, where, how.

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Simulation-based Education Awards

Articles of Influence

2023 | International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare. Mosher, C., Morton, A. & Palaganas, J.C. (2022). Perspectives of Engagement in Distance Debriefing. Advances in Simulation.

Presidential Citation

2022 | Society for Simulation in Healthcare. For writing and publishing the society's first textbook on healthcare simulation and programs.

Excellence in Advancing Interprofessional Education and Practice

2021 | MGH Institute of Health Professions. For the creation and implementation of a highly successful PhD Program that creates career pathways for Interprofessional Health Professions Educators in Interprofessional Simulation Education.

Book of the Year Award

2021 | American Journal of Nursing. Most valuable texts of 2020, as chosen by AJN’s panel of judges.

Lab Team

Roger A. Edwards, ScD

Chair, Professor Health Professions Education

Anshul Kumar, PhD

Assistant Professor Health Professions Education Genetic Counseling

Anne W. Thompson, PT, EdD

Adjunct Associate Professor Term Lecturer Health Professions Education

Keri Barksdale Mans, PhD

Term Lecturer Health Professions Education Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences at Georgia Southern University