Our Mission: Improving Student Outcomes

Conducting research in service of improving student outcomes by investigating factors contributing to prevention of reading challenges, identification of protective characteristics, and optimizing individualized interventions.

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Join Us: Current Studies

Reading and Attention for Individual Student Excellence - Collaboration with Gabrieli Lab at MIT

How are reading and attention-related in the brain? Using fMRI imaging to explore differences in neural pathways related to reading and attention, the RAISE study explores comorbidity between dyslexia and ADHD. We hope that findings from this study will help us better understand why these challenges often co-occur in struggling learners.

Participate (grades 3-6)
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Join Us: Current Studies

Math, Imaging, Neuroscience, and Dyslexia - Collaboration with Gabrieli Lab at MIT

Why is it that students who struggle with reading often also struggle with math? The MIND study explores comorbidities between dyslexia and dyscalculia (math disability), using fMRI imaging techniques to examine differences in brain activity when children are engaged in reading and math tasks.

Participate (grades 3-6)

BEAM Lab Team

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Doctoral Researcher BEAM Lab Communication Sciences and Disorders

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Director of the BEAM Lab Associate Professor Communication Sciences and Disorders