Adriana is a postdoctoral researcher in the BEAM Lab, directed by Dr. Joanna Christodoulou, and a research affiliate in the Gabrieli lab at MIT. Adriana's work uses functional neuroimaging, as well as cognitive, behavioral, and computational methods to uncover the potential distinct contribution of ADHD and executive function on developmental dyslexia and reading difficulties. Through her work, Adriana aims to improve our understanding of how neurodiversity impacts learning and cognitive development. She is also keen on sharing her knowledge with the general public to raise awareness of the importance and prevalence of learning differences. Growing up, her favorite books were the "Alice detective" mystery series.

BSc Biology - Lebanese American University, Lebanon
MSc Translational Neuroscience - Imperial College London, UK
PhD Computational, Cognitive, Clinical Neuroimaging - Imperial College London, UK

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Xiancheng Yu, Adriana Azor, David J Sharp, Mazdak Ghajari. Mechanisms of tensile failure of cerebrospinal fluid in blast traumatic brain injury, Extreme Mechanics Letters,( 2020), 100739, ISSN 2352-4316,

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