The Cognitive-Motor Behavior Lab integrates cognitive neuroscience and motor control to examine interactions between attention, cognition and language, and mobility to optimize neurorehabilitation outcomes in people with neurological disorders.

Current Research

  • The study is examining aspects of mobility (walking, balance, fear of falling) and cognitive-communication (language, attention, memory) at the time of discharge from inpatient rehabilitation to home that are associated with falls and community reintegration in the first 3 months after discharge
  • Funded by the Tedy’s Team Center of Excellence in Stroke Recovery
  • This clinical trial is investigating if combining a medication for walking impairment (dalfampridine, Ampyra®) with physical therapy can enhance recovery of walking ability and sustain the benefits of therapy longer than either treatment provide on its own.
  • Funded by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • registration: NCT06136728
  • The goal of this real-world clinical study is to evaluate adherence to PoNS therapy (device + physical therapy) and understand the relationship between adherence to PoNS therapy regimen and therapeutic functional outcome.
  • Funded by Helius Medical Technologies, Inc.
  • The goals of this study are to determine what visual information is sampled during walking with and without distraction and to examine the association between eye movement and postural stability during standing and walking.
  • This study is currently enrolling individuals with and without balance difficulty who have experienced a stroke or who have multiple sclerosis.
two women assist a third woman balancing on a wooden plank with a red ball in her hand

If you are interested in any of these studies or would like to learn more, contact the Cognitive-Motor Behavior Lab at 617-724-3103.

If you are interested in joining our lab as a trainee or intern, please pplummer [at] (contact Dr. Plummer).

Lab Team

ehsan is lit from below and wears a tie and sweater over a white collared shirt

PhD Student MSc. of Physical Therapy

Lina Jallad, MA-OT, OTR/L

Doctoral Research Fellow Cognitive-Motor Behavior Lab MA, Occupational Therapy

profile photo of Megan

Assistant Professor Communication Sciences and Disorders

Prue Plummer, PhD, PT, BPhysio(Hons)

Professor Physical Therapy Cognitive-Motor Behavior Lab

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