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Our Online, Post-Baccalaureate, Pre-Health Certificate Program is committed to creating an educational foundation as unique as your career path. Whether you’re pursuing a lifelong career goal, forging a new path, or re-visiting an old dream, our innovative program and engaging courses will get you where you are headed.


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If you already hold an undergraduate degree and are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, our Online Pre-Health Certificate Program may be just what you need. Designed for post-baccalaureate students who need to take or re-take most of their prerequisite courses, this program offers one-on-one advising, tutoring, and other academic support services to support you along the journey to a career in the medical field.

We foster a high-touch learning environment where students can learn with the flexibility promised by the online platform without compromising the academic rigor or professional behavior necessary for the future. 

Students who are currently enrolled in online prerequisite courses at IHP can request enrollment in the pre-health certificate program.

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This Pre-Health Certificate Program has customizable curriculum, offering health career preparation for students planning to attend graduate programs in any of the following areas:

  • Athletic Training 
  • Audiology
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Osteopathic Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Physician Assistant Studies
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Other health professions


The Certificate of Pre-Health Studies is comprised of 21 credits which is typically 5-7 classes. You can take these over a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 9 semesters, depending on your needs and your schedule. 

To fulfill credits, you’ll select and register for courses from any of our current online prerequisites offerings. Your academic advisor can help you select the coursework most likely to be necessary and useful for your future graduate program. 

Students can transfer up to 6 credits into the certificate program. If you are already enrolled and would like to request transfer credit for an equivalent course, please complete our petition for course replacement


Biological Sciences Chemical and Physical Lab Sciences Communication Sciences and Disorders Health and Quantitative Studies
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Exercise Physiology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biochemistry
  • Intro to CSD
  • Phonetics 
  • A&P of Speech and Language
  • Speech and Language Acquisition
  • Audiology
  • Hearing Science
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Statistics 



At the MGH Institute, our accelerated Doctor of Audiology program allows students to earn their degree in less time than traditional programs while maintaining the highest quality education and training. Our clinical partnerships in the Boston area offer students a rich environment to engage with clinical work at sites internationally recognized for their contributions to audiologic care.  

Linkages are available for IHP pre-health certificate students who are interested in the IHP Doctor of Audiology program. onlineprereqs [at] (subject: Pre-Health%20Certificate%20Audiology%20Concentration) (Reach out to us) for further details.

Data science plays a valuable role in improving healthcare and reducing costs. The Master of Science in Healthcare Data Analytics program at MGH Institute of Health Professions will enable you to tackle complex problems by leveraging information and making data-informed decisions to improve the delivery of healthcare.

IHP pre-health certificate students who earn a 3.0 GPA or better in the certificate program are eligible for contingent admission to the IHP Data Analytics program. she8 [at] (subject: Pre-Health%20Certificate%20Data%20Analytics%20Concentration) (Reach out to us) for further details. 

Genetic counselors have a vital role in contemporary healthcare. The Master of Science in Genetic Counseling at MGH Institute of Health Professions provides students with cutting-edge training in genetics and genomics, while preparing them to engage cognitively and emotionally with genomic information.

Linkages are available for IHP pre-health certificate students who are interested in the IHP Genetic Counseling program. onlineprereqs [at] (subject: Pre-Health%20Certificate%20Genetic%20Counseling%20Concentration) (Reach out to us) for further details. 

The MGH Institute’s School of Nursing offers several programs for students from a range of academic and professional backgrounds who share a passion for helping people.

Linkages are available for IHP pre-health certificate students who are interested in the IHP Nursing Programs. onlineprereqs [at] (subject: Pre-Health%20Certificate%20Nursing%20Concentration) (Reach out to us) for further details.

At the MGH Institute, our Doctor of Occupational Therapy program educates practitioners who shape the future of occupational therapy practice. Our graduates contribute to the health and wellness of society through leadership in patient care, interprofessional collaborative practice, cutting-edge research, and community engagement.

Linkages are available for IHP pre-health certificate students who are interested in the IHP Occupational Therapy program. onlineprereqs [at] (subject: Pre-Health%20Certificate%20Occupational%20Therapy%20Concentration) (Reach out to us) for further details.

The MGH Institute of Health Professions Department of Physical Therapy provides students unparalleled opportunity to play an increasingly vital role in helping patients restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and limit permanent physical disabilities resulting from injury or disease.

Linkages are available for IHP pre-health certificate students who are interested in the IHP Doctor of Physical Therapy program. onlineprereqs [at] (subject: Pre-Health%20Certificate%20Physical%20Therapy%20Concentration) (Reach out to us) for further details.  

The Physician Assistant profession is growing rapidly, and there are unprecedented opportunities for you to make a difference in the lives of patients and their families. Choosing to earn your Master of Physician Assistant Studies at the MGH Institute will ensure you will learn from and work alongside clinicians and researchers who are highly regarded in their disciplines and who practice at world-class institutions.

Linkages are available for IHP pre-health certificate students who are interested in the IHP Physician Assistant program. onlineprereqs [at] (subject: Pre-Health%20Certificate%20Physician%20Assistant%20Studies%20Concentration) (Reach out to us) for further details.

The Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at the MGH Institute prepares you with the critical thinking and clinical excellence skills to work in any setting. In our comprehensive program, you’ll develop knowledge and skills across the discipline and have the opportunity to hone in on a specialization in one of several areas of concentration.

Linkages are available for IHP pre-health certificate students who are interested in the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at IHP. onlineprereqs [at] (subject: Pre-Health%20Certificate%20Speech-Language%20Pathology%20Concentration) (Reach out to us) for further details. 

Most pre-health students know exactly what profession they are headed toward. Upon completion, this graduate certificate will appear on your academic transcript, helping future graduate schools know that you’ve completed rigorous prerequisite coursework. 

In addition to academic preparation, students in our graduate certificate program are eligible for linkages that will help them transition seamlessly into graduate school. Click on one of the professions to the left to find out more information about linkages we offer to graduate programs.

To fulfill credits, students select and register for courses from any of our current online prerequisites offerings. Students in prerequisite courses will receive an email within the first 10 days of online prerequisite courses that provides information about how to request enrollment in the certificate program. There are 2 eligibility requirements that students need to meet to earn the Certificate of Pre-Health Studies.

Bachelor’s Degree
Students enrolled in the Pre-Health Certificate Program must have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Students are permitted to take courses toward their pre-health certificate prior to the conclusion of their baccalaureate degree but their degree must be complete to enroll in the certificate program.

The language of instruction and clinical education at the MGH Institute is English, and a high level of proficiency in both written and spoken English is required. Students who have not completed either an undergraduate or graduate program where English is the language of instruction must demonstrate English Language proficiency as part of the requirements for the Pre-Health Certificate Program at MGH Institute of Health Professions. Please contact the Office of Admissions if you have any questions about the MGH Institute’s English Language requirements.

Despite being able to take our classes from anywhere, we keep our online students connected to our physical campus in Boston by ensuring they can access the same resources that are available to our residential students.

All resources listed here are available to students in the Pre-Health Certificate Program.


Pre-health certificate students are assigned an academic advisor upon registration to assist with course planning and academic success. Advising is available to students 6 months prior to their start in the certificate program, throughout their time in the program, and for 6 months following completion of the program.

MGH Institute of Health Professions views disability as an important aspect of diversity and is committed to providing equitable access to learning opportunities for all students. Accessibility Resources is the campus office that collaborates with students and faculty to provide and/or arrange reasonable accommodations for students who have documented disabilities.

Currently enrolled students have full access to our Application Mentorship Program. Mentorship can help you navigate the process of applying to graduate school, including deciding where to apply, analyzing your transcripts, reviewing admissions essays, and preparing for interviews. 

The Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD) helps our students and alumni secure professional roles in the health professions. Resources and services provided include personal coaching in job search strategies, networking, resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews, and social media presence.

Students in the certificate program are eligible to receive a committee-based letter of recommendation that can be used for graduate school applications. These letters are a combined effort from a group of faculty who know you, your abilities, and your strengths well; typically graduate schools will weight them more heavily than letters from a single instructor.

Certificate students have access to all library resources including searching in medically-oriented databases, downloading full-text articles, and receiving help with citations. 

In addition to course-specific resources, the library has an open-access Online Orientation to all they have to offer.

Fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment is a core value of the IHP and one we weave throughout our prerequisite courses. Our JEDI Office provides many services including holding workshops, facilitating discussions, and providing training resources that our students are welcome to access at any point.

We know that challenges with technology can come up and this can be particularly challenging for online students. Our Institute Helpdesk uses a Support Ticket system that will get any difficulties sorted out quickly. 

Our Registrar work closely with our faculty to ensure students have timely access to their current academic records. Their website includes instructions for requesting a transcript.

Our writing center supports students who are looking for help with their written work. Services can range from assistance with editing a single assignment to tutoring aimed at improving clarity and tone in academic works. Students can complete this Request a Writing Appointment form to access our writing tutors.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, online prerequisite courses are $540/credit. Discounted tuition is available for veterans, MGB employees, and students who have applied to IHP professional programs. Complete information and tuition calculators are available on the Tuition and Fees webpage.

There are no additional registration fees. You may have additional costs associated with textbooks and lab kits. The costs for these vary a bit by course but we try to select materials that you’ll want to and be able to keep or that you can rent for one semester at a reduced price.

For financial aid purposes, students who are taking prerequisites are considered non-degree and can apply for alternative loans. Learn more about alternative loans on our financial aid website or by emailing our financial aid office at financialaid [at]

Semester Dates

Spring 2024

January 16 - April 23

Summer 2024

May 28 - August 19

Fall 2024

September 3 - December 10

“The coursework was manageable, the online forums exposed me to other students with similar goals, and all the professors were fantastic.”

Tarryn Teresak, PT, DPT Online Prerequisite Student 2015-2018 | Physical Therapy Student 2018-2021 | Physical Therapist Spaulding Rehabilitation Network 2021-current

Tarryn took 38 credits in our program. She jokes, “I essentially completed a new major.” 

Read the rest of her story


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