Registration options for prerequisite courses

Read through these options to choose the right registration option for you. If you have registration questions, contact our assistant registrar at (617) 724-1847 between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm EST or by email at ihpnondegree [at] (ihpnondegree[at]mghihp[dot]edu).


Summer 2024 Registration is open! 

Option 1

I am a new student or I have already taken a course at the IHP and have an IOnline account and will pay in full at the time of registration.

Login to IOnline to register and search for classes. 

Login/Access IOnline

Option 2

I am...

  • an employee at MGB
  • an employee at an authorized MGH IHP Clinical Site
  • a MGH IHP preceptor
  • a new International Student who does not have a Social Security Number
  • using institute-issued vouchers for payment
  • using the Institute's Payment Plan option for Payment and I am not a Veteran or applicant to an IHP degree program (see below)

Registration Form

Option 3

I am...

  • a Veteran
  • an applicant to an IHP degree program with a completed application (receive a 20% discount on all prereqs if you submit a complete application for any IHP degree program prior to your prereqs registration)

Registration Form

Note: Payment plan option is also available using this form

Payment Plan Option

NELNET Campus Commerce provides a Payment Plan Option. Should you choose this option, you agree to set up an arrangement with NELNET that will allow you to pay your tuition in 4, 3, 2, or 1 equal payment(s) depending on your registration date. You will also be responsible for a service fee of $50.00 for each semester that you choose this option. If payment is not made in full by the established payment dates set up by NELNET, you will automatically be dropped from your course(s).

Note: The only payment due when setting up your NELNET account is the $50.00 processing fee.  Remaining tuition payments will follow a schedule based on your registration date. Your registration will be officially processed once we have proof of your account setup in NELNET.

To use this option, please visit the NELNET Campus Commerce Payment Plan website to set up your account; you must register and enroll in a payment plan by June 3, 2024 for the summer term. Your registration will be processed after you have set up your payment plan with NELNET Campus Commerce, made your 1st payment, and attached the receipt of your transaction to your registration form.

ihpnondegree [at] (Email us )with questions about this option.


Contact us.

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The MGH Institute’s Online Prerequisites for the Health Professions provide students with the prerequisite content they need to succeed in graduate school and prepare for a career in healthcare.

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Prerequisite Courses

The future of health care will require lifelong learners who are able to self-direct and manage time, learn from and collaborate with others, and take leadership roles by advocating for self and others; our prereq students learn how to do all of these.

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