New Employees: Before You Start

This check list / guide of resources was created to help support you with your on-boarding experience. We hope this guide helps you become a connected, productive, and thriving member of the Institute community. Note: Some links in these sections are password protected or can only be accessed within the IHP network. You will have access to these links after your start date. 

1. Complete required new hire paperwork before starting and make sure you are prepared to provide important hire documentation, including proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. 

Please be aware that you will need to bring your Social Security Card with you to orientation as it is necessary to verify that your name and number in our Human Resources Information System is exactly as it appears on your Social Security Card. We provide this information to Social Security Administration for wage reporting purposes and need to ensure the accuracy.

2. Explore the New Employee Orientation page so you are well prepared for your orientation

3. Explore housing and apartment options if needed and get settled into the Boston area.

4. Review Commuting Options to the IHP and plan your first day commute and begin to think about how you plan to commute to the IHP. If you plan to park in the MGH 199 Garage, take a pass on your first morning.  When you pick up your ID badge at the ID badge office between Noon–2:00 p.m., you will be able to go over to the parking garage office immediately following and sign up for parking.

5. Make a list of key questions you hope to have answered during orientation or questions you may want to have answered before you start (i.e.)

  • What time should I report to my department on my first day?
  • What is the dress code for this role/the department?
  • Will I have a schedule my first few days?

6. (Faculty Only) Obtain an official copy of your transcript and turn it in to HR.

Faculty Handbook 

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