Student Resource Directory

The list below provides you with important contact and resource information for MGH Institute offices. Linked headings take you to sections on the website for the topic linked.

Note: OES refers to the Office of Enrollment Services, and OSAS refers to the Office of Student Affairs and Services.

Academic Advisors
Academic advisors are assigned by your School/Program. To view your advisor information, logon to your IONLINE account and open "My Profile" on the main student menu.

Academic Schools and Departments Contact Information
List of academic schools and departments contact information, including heads of departments, faculty/staff directory links, program managers, email addresses and telephone numbers.

Academic Requirements (Academic Programs)
You can review your academic requirements by contacting your Faculty Advisor and by reviewing your course of study in the online catalog. You can also review your course of study by logging into IONLINE and viewing "My Curriculum Plan" on the main student menu.

Admission (OES)

  • Lauren D. Putnam, Director of Admission
  • Jack Fitzgerald, Associate Director of Admission

1CW | (617) 726-1304

Alumni Activities

Audio/Visual Services (Campus Services)
Valerie Grande, User Account Administrator
(617) 724-7910 

Bulletin Boards/Posting Notices (OSAS)
Ronan Campbell, Assistant to the Dean
(617) 724-2742

Building Security Officer

  • Shouse Building Lobby
    36 1st Avenue
    (617) 726-0528
  • Building 2CC - Lobby Security Desk
    (617) 643-9970

Change of Address
Use your IONLINE account to edit/update your address information.

Copy Cards for Students
Student Work Room

Massachusetts General Hospital's Student/Employee Assistance Program (SAP/EAP)
Charles River Plaza
175 Cambridge Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA
(866) 724-4EAP

Credit Union
Harvard University Employees Credit Union

Deferments (Loans) (OES)
Antoine Blalark, Assistant Registrar
(617) 724-1847

Directions to Campus
Charlestown Navy Yard
36 1st Avenue
Boston, MA 02129

Accessibility Resources (OSAS)
Jack Gormley, Dean of the Office of Student Affairs and Services
(617) 726-3177

Distance Learning Access
IHP Help

Financial Aid (OES)

Grades (OES)
IONLINE or the Registrar’s Office
(857) 238-4477

Health Insurance (OES)
Bursar's Office
(617) 726-5074

Housing Information (OSAS)
Ronan Campbell, Assistant to the Dean
(617) 724-2742

Identification Badges
MGH Police and Security
Building 149, Charlestown Navy Yard
(617) 724-3031

International Student Services (OSAS)
(617) 724-3603

Lockers (OSAS)
Ronan Campbell, Assistant to the Dean
(617) 724-2742

Lost & Found
Security Desk
Shouse Building Lobby
36 1st Avenue
(617) 726-0528

MBTA Passes (OSAS)
Jessica Upton
(617) 724-2742

Parking Information

Refunds (OES)
Bursar's Office
(617) 726-5074

Registration Information (OES)
The Registrar's Office
(857) 238-4477

Scholarships & Loan Information (OES)
(617) 726-2788
Live Chat

School Closing Line
(617) 724-8484

Security Desk
Building 2CC – Lobby
(617) 643-9970

Student Work Room

Student Life (OSAS)

Transcripts (OES)
Registrar's Office
(857) 238-4477

Tuition and Fees (OES)
Bursar's Office
(617) 726-5074