Judgement-free support for our students.

Academic Support Coaching is a resource for your academic and personal development. Meet one-on-one with an Academic Support Coach (ASC) who will work with you to identify challenges you might be facing and discuss strategies for improvement.

Receive support outside of faculty, family, and friends. Expect a judgment-free and private conversation. Rather than advising on course-specific content, an ASC will review academic success strategies such as: study strategies, time management, and how to balance school with personal life and other commitments. Additionally, we can make appropriate referrals and connections to other on-campus support services and resources.

Nursing Academic Support Coaches

Karen M. Flaherty, MSN, MEd, APRN-BC, CBCN

Academic Support Coach Term Lecturer Nursing

Steven M. Ciesielski

Assistant Dean for Student Success Nursing

Joanne Tsang in brown, short-sleeve shirt. Joanne has dark, shoulder-length hair.

Academic Support Coach Nursing

SHRS Academic Support Coaches

Emile R. "Mike" Boutin Jr., EdD

Assistant Dean for Faculty and Student Success, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Term Lecturer, Health Professions Education Adjunct Instructor

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The relationship between the ASC and a student is particularly important in the student's academic career. Conversations are professional, private, and protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).