Clinical Educators

Clinical Educator talking with student

Welcome to MGH Institute of Health Professions. We want to support clinical educators – preceptors, instructors, supervisors –  with helpful information they can use while working with students.  

MGH Institute programs are designed to prepare students to assume leadership roles in the health care system of the future.  This includes engaging diverse individuals, families, groups, and communities in the mutual pursuit of healing, rehabilitation, and wholeness.  

We achieve this mission through excellence and innovation in education, scholarship, service, and practice.

Clinical Educators provide the bridge from the theoretical concepts to real-world practice and prepare our student to offer high quality, comprehensive, compassionate health care.  


Why do busy health care professionals become clinical educators?  They often share that they remember what it was like to be a student. Clinical educators remember their own clinical experiences that shaped them into the providers they are today, and recognize that being a clinical educator is a way to pay it back and make their own contributions to the future of essential health care professions.  

Clinical supervisors, instructors, and preceptors also earn tuition vouchers that can be used to attend classes at the MGH Institute; and nursing preceptors can use the experience toward meeting recertification requirements as a nurse practitioner.

If you are already a clinical educator, thank you.  If you would like to be a clinical educator, come and be a part of our team.  You will significantly impact a student’s educational experience.

To learn more about being a clinical supervisor/preceptor/instructor/fieldwork supervisor with the IHP: