Learning Objectives for Advanced Doctoral Experience

  1. Develop specialized skills in a chosen area of interest that meets the student’s OTD research / learning trajectory. 
  2. Interact with interprofessional leaders, organizations, and populations to address the occupational needs of persons with or at risk of developing chronic disease and disability. 
  3. Relate theory and current evidence to practice and demonstrate synthesis of advanced knowledge in the designated specialized practice area. 
  4. Design, implement, and evaluate an individualized doctoral learning plan with faculty mentor and supervisor. 
  5. Demonstrate competence in evaluation, assessment, analysis and/or research procedures utilized at the site.
  6. Understand funding sources and funding mechanisms associated with the doctoral site program.
  7. Explore research that furthers occupational performance models as related to the site.
  8. Achieve an effective transition from the role of student to the role of a doctorally prepared occupational therapist. 
  9. Learn how to function as scholars to advance the practice of occupational therapy through dissemination of work. 

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