New Employees: Your First Days

This checklist/guide of resources was created to help support you with your on-boarding experience. We hope this guide helps you become a connected, productive, and thriving member of the Institute community. Note: Some links in these sections are password protected or can only be accessed within the IHP network. You will have access to these links after your start date.

1. Attend the IHP in-person New Employee Orientation conducted by HR. This will either be on your first day or within your first few weeks.           

New Employee Orientation website

2. Tour the campus with your manager, faculty mentor, or designated department colleague for introductions with colleagues in the various departments. Obtain your ID badge and employee ID number (you will do this as part of your day one orientation with HR). If you start before attending the day one Institute orientation, HR will provide you instructions for picking up your badge.        

Photo ID Badge information

If you have any building badge-access issues, please follow the instructions on the website above.

3. Log in to Password Self Service to create your ID and password for access to email, PeopleSoft, and many other Institute systems.          

Password Self-Service instructions 

4. Non-exempt staff only must complete online training for recording daily time worked. During your first week, you will use the “Weekly Form” to submit your time. By the end of week one, you will have completed the Kronos training in Healthstream and can begin logging in and logging out through KSS.  

Kronos Self Service Instructions

FAQs About Time Reporting

Daily Timecard edit form or the Kronos eForm (Used to make changes to your daily time record). A weekly form can be completed if you have to report all hours worked in a week via a form. If you have any payroll inquiries, please consult your department timekeeper. 

If you will be accessing your IHP email or any of the IHP systems from your home laptop or smart phone, these devices must be encrypted.

MGB encryption site

5. Log in to PeopleSoft to fill out your M-4, W-4 and sign up for direct deposit. Direct deposit is required.

Link to PeopleSoft (internal/at work):

  1. (From your work computer you can get to PeopleSoft following this path:
  2. Click on "P" tab in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  3. A menu will pop up, click on the PeopleSoft icon.
  4. Enter your network user name and password.
  5. Select HRMS Production.
  6. Select Self Service.

To access PeopleSoft offsite/at home:

  1. Register your account following these instructions: Phone-Based Authentication Set-Up Guide
  2. Visit the PeopleSoft website.
  3. You will receive a text message with a code to enter so you can access PeopleSoft remotely.

6. Attend your Occupational Health Services appointment. This is required for all employees.

You should be contacted via email by Occupational Health Services to schedule your appointment. This appointment must be scheduled within two days of hire.       

See a checklist of what you need to bring to your Occupational Health Screening.

Section on Occupational Health with directions

7. Decide which benefits you would like to participate in and then make time to enroll in your benefits in PeopleSoft. Remember: You have 30 days from your date of hire to do this.     

Benefits information (located on Intranet)

eBenefits Guide

New hire benefits enrollment

8. Decide whether you need to sign-up for a parking pass or MBTA-Pass.

T-Pass Rates Information

IHP Parking for Employees

To sign up for T-pass follow this path: Sign in to PeopleSoft>HRMS Production>Self Service>Payroll and Compensation>MBTA Pass enrollment.
To sign up for one of the available parking lots (2CC and Terminal Lot) send an email or call (617) 643-0869.

To sign up for the 199 Parking Garage pass, please visit the 199 Parking Office on the first floor from 8:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m. You will need your ID Badge to sign up for this pass.

9. Get settled in your workspace/office:

  • Set up office voicemail
  • Fill in your Mass General Brigham Directory information
  • Create your email signature

10. Work with your program/office manager or coordinator on supplies you need to get started and order your IHP business cards       

Telephone Operating Instructions and MGB Directory Instructions

Additional phone video tutorials can be found on the PHS Help Desk.

11. Log in to HealthStream to begin phase two of your New Employee Orientation. Be sure to schedule time on your calendar your first week to complete the first three required trainings:

  • HIPPA (10 min)
  • Institute General Safety (25 Min)
  • Institute FERPA (30 Min)     


Online Orientation Information

12. Have your photo taken for the Institute Web Directory. Normally, your photo will be taken at orientation. If not, schedule an appointment with John Shaw, Associate Director of Communications, (617) 726-4276 or via emailPlease note: This photo is not the same as your ID badge photo.

13. Submit required information for your Institute Web Profile: 

Web Profile Instructions

14. Review information about the Institute including our Mission, Vision, and Core Values, our 2014–2017 Strategic Map, and details about your school or department available on the IHP website.

(Faculty Only) Explore Faculty Compass.  

15. Meet with your manager/supervisor to review the following (some of these activities listed below will flow into your first few weeks as well):

  • Your schedule
  • Your department and job-specific orientation plan
  • Job responsibilities, competencies, expectations
  • Department’s mission, strategy, values, key functions, policies and procedures, organizational structure, department directory and key department contacts/resources, department calendar, confidentiality information, emergency procedures and plans, necessary health and safety training for your role/department
  • Set initial goals/projects/priorities                     

16. Contact your HR Representative to set-up an appointment if you have any follow up benefit questions before you make your benefit selections.             

HR Department Information (Intranet)

17. Register for IOnline. Go into this system to enter your emergency contact information. The IHP uses this system to notify employees and students of school closures as well as emergency situations.

18. Use these links to take a virtual tour of the Institute and Charlestown Navy Yard. In addition to this virtual tour, your department will conduct a live campus tour during your first few weeks of employment.           

IHP Campus Tour video

Charlestown Navy Yard Information

History of Charlestown Navy Yard Part 1

History of Charlestown Navy Yard Part 2

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