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A Faculty Resource for Online Teaching”

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Extend Your Impact (EYI) is composed of a series of modules which will inform you about the use of online tools for a variety of instructional activities, including online discussions, the design and management of group projects, and methods of assessment. There is even a module describing some creative and innovative ways to incorporate virtual or “take-home” laboratory experiences into your course. EYI is a course within D2L.

The information in the EYI modules can be applied to your course whether you are teaching fully online, fully on campus with a D2L presence (“web-enhanced”) or in a blended model combining both online and face-to-face instruction.

Each module includes a brief video presentation about the topic, a list of resources to guide and support your work, access to assistance in using D2L help as you build the tools discussed in the modules, and a list of references for further information. There is also a brief quiz associated with each module so that you can “test” your mastery of the material.

In the video in each module, you will meet Dr. Brown and Dr. Green, two faculty members at the IHP. Dr. Brown has been teaching for many years; he is what author Marc Prensky would refer to as a “digital immigrant”[1] someone who is adapting to online instructional technology as a new environment. Dr. Green is a “digital native”, born into the digital age. While Dr. Brown is learning to incorporate technology into his teaching, Dr. Green is learning to incorporate principles and practice of good teaching into her use of technology. Dr. Brown and Dr. Green will discuss the content of each module, refer you to additional resources, and hopefully inspire you to try some of these tools of instructional technology in your own course.

Each module stands alone, although we do encourage you to begin with the Introduction module, which will tell you more about how the modules are constructed and will provide some helpful information about the role of the instructor when teaching in the online environment.

We look forward to your feedback about this program: in the Resources section of each module, you will find a link to extendyourimpact@mghihp.eduan email box where you can send questions, comments or suggestions.

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[1] Marc Prensky Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants accessed at November 30, 2012

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