Committed to Equity and Anti-Oppression

The world needs exemplary leadership to advance care for a diverse society, a cornerstone of the Institution's mission. At the Institute, we educate the next generation of health professions leaders, capable of delivering the very best care for all, locally and globally. Our aspirational goal is to develop and teach our students skills to better serve marginalized and minoritized communities in order to address existing inequities. 



JEDI Core Competencies

Purpose: To hold ourselves accountable to our mission and commitment to equity and anti-oppression the MGH Institute had developed a set of JEDI Core Competencies. As an organization we believe that these JEDI competencies are core to the success of our community in working to advance care in a diverse society. These competencies serve as guidance JEDI related growth for student, faculty,  staff and the broader IHP community.  

These JEDI Core Competencies provide a framework for groups and individuals to outline skills related to JEDI principles that are pertinent to settings within healthcare and higher education.


  • Takes a proactive approach to one’s own JEDI learning journey. 
  • Articulates race as a social construct, not a risk factor and that racism is a cause of inequities. 
  • Articulates an intersectional power analysis.  
  • Demonstrates evidence of self-reflection of how one’s identities, biases, and lived experiences may influence perspectives. 
  • Identifies the system-level policies, procedures, and practices that promote equity or reinforce inequities. 
  • Advocates for policies and practices that promote equity. 
a flower shape with the competencies self reflection, knowledge base, critical thinking,application, and structural analysis in the petals and "JEDI as a lifelong learning process" at the center


Kanazawa, Sakai, Truong, and Watkins Liu (2021)