Immunization and Certification Compliance at MGH Institute of Health Professions

Students at MGH Institute of Health Professions (the Institute) must maintain their compliance with the Immunization and Certification policy throughout the duration of their enrollment in their academic programs. The requirements are mandated by a combination of policies from the state of Massachusetts, the Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, and clinical sites.


Failure to maintain compliance will result in corrective action,
detailed below (See "Out of Compliance Procedures").


The Institute's Office of Compliance monitors the status of each student’s compliance.  The Office of Compliance does not directly receive or manage student compliance documentation. A student is not considered "compliant" until documentation has been uploaded to and approved by Complio. The Institute has retained the services of Complio by American Databank, a web-based compliance and immunization management software. The Office of Compliance will provide periodic reports to the academic program leadership and the clinical education teams, detailing students who will soon be out of compliance with these requirements.