School of Nursing Mission and Core Values

Vision Statement:

To sustain society’s profound trust in nursing by optimizing health equity and well-being in a rapidly changing world.

Mission Statement:

Through excellence in education, research, scholarship, clinical practice and service, the School of Nursing empowers nurses to lead in holistic patient care and advocacy in diverse interprofessional healthcare environments.

As members of the MGH Institute community, we collectively commit to reflect the following core values in all we do:

  • The highest standards of professional, academic, and scientific excellence, ethical conduct, integrity, and personal responsibility,
  • An inclusive and welcoming environment where every person is treated with dignity and respect,
  • Mutual trust and collegiality in our relationships with each other and those we serve in health care and the community,
  • Productive partnerships among faculty, staff, and students that support learning and work, and foster interprofessional and global collaboration,
  • A connected, engaged, and diverse learning community where students develop a passion for lifelong learning and become graduates of choice for employers,
  • An environment that embraces and rewards inquiry, ingenuity, innovation, resourcefulness, and continuous learning,
  • A rewarding work environment where talented people thrive, and
  • Accountability for our work and for prudent, efficient stewardship of our resources.