Curriculum and Clinical Experience

We offer an integrated, case-based curriculum designed to foster critical clinical decision making, effective evidence-based interventions, and professionalism. Real-life cases are used to foster applied learning of basic sciences (e.g., anatomy) with clinical sciences (e.g., orthopedics), in the context of sociobehavioral sciences (e.g., culture).

Cross-Curricular Threads such as clinical decision making and evidence-based practice are woven throughout the curriculum to promote development of your ability to function as a skilled physical therapist upon graduation. Learn more about these integrated cross-curricular threads as well as our year-long, full-time, paid internship for the majority of students.

Team-based learning approaches are used throughout our curriculum to foster active engagement of course material and competency-based mastery. Students are responsible for coming to class prepared to discuss cases and apply didactic knowledge learned outside of class.

Students also engage in interprofessional health care experiences through the MGH Institute’s IMPACT Practice and IMPACT Practice Center.

Curriculum Plans for students entering in prior years:

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