Academic Support Counseling

Graduate school is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be stressful. Academic Support Counseling is a resource for students’ academic and personal development. Students can meet one-on-one with an Academic Support Counselor (ASC) who will work with the student to identify what challenges he or she is facing and discuss strategies for improvement.

Students who are looking for support outside of their faculty, family, and friends can meet with their ASC and expect a judgment-free and private conversation to discuss what’s on their minds. Rather than advising students on course-specific content, the ASC will review academic success strategies such as: study strategies, time management, and how to balance school with personal life and other commitments. Additionally, the counselor can make appropriate referrals and connections to other on-campus support services and resources.

Why might you meet with your Academic Support Counselor?

  • You’re having trouble managing your time
  • You believe you’re in danger of failing a class
  • You’re struggling with cultural issues
  • You have trouble balancing school, work, and personal life
  • You are constantly feeling stressed out
  • You just want to chat about Boston or whatever is on your mind!

Services Offered

You can email, call, or visit the Academic Support Counselor’s office to make an appointment. See a list of your school's counselors on the side of this page.

Privacy Statement

The relationship between the ASC and a student is particularly important in the student's academic career. Conversations are professional, private, and protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). More information on FERPA.


Academic Support Counselors

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Mike Boutin
Assistant Dean for Faculty and Student Success
Office: 617-726-8021
Shouse 267

School of Nursing

Steven Ciesielski
Assistant Dean of Student Success
Office: 617-724-3620
building 36, room 248

Eliza Cutler
Office: 617-643-9671
building 39, room 111

Karen Flaherty
Office: 617-732-7431
building 39, room 109

Shauna Worrell-Waldron
Office: 617-724-4059