Our mission is innovating traditional educational techniques toward the highest possible learning outcomes through the study of effectiveness of experiential teaching methods. 

We lead simulationists on how to best conduct healthcare simulation research and our research informs simulationists on the most effective educational approaches.

The Center generates novel insights around simulators and academic experiential teaching methods, while also offering valuable guidelines for optimizing simulation practices. This Center delves into the fundamental principles of learning, studying the cognitive neuroscience and biometric findings that occur when using widely accepted teaching and learning methodologies. 

Interested IHP Students and MGB Faculty may apply to join research activities at the Center and will learn how to develop, conduct, analyze, and publish simulation research in action. 

Our Center houses the Research on Experiential-Based Education Lab (REBEL), which specializes in three research areas:

  1. Cognitive neuroscience of healthcare simulation methods
  2. Cognitive neuroscience of health professions feedback conversations
  3. Generative AI using healthcare simulation for assessment

REBEL will have post-doctoral fellowships, research scholar opportunities, as well as seed grants beginning in 2025.

We offer workshops in developing your knowledge and skills in healthcare simulation methods, research using healthcare simulation, and developing faculty in conducting healthcare simulation research.

Do you have a research project? Our team of simulation research experts can guide you in your healthcare simulation research project.

jae.theinstitute [at] gmail.com (Consultation Inquiry)

Faculty & Staff

Janice C. Palaganas, PhD, RN, NP, ANEF, FNAP, FAAN, FSSH

Founding Director, Center of Excellence in Healthcare Simulation Research Principal Investigator, REBEL Lab Professor, Health Professions Education