Employee Benefits and Resources

Employee Benefits

Employees of the MGH Institute of Health Professions receive benefits through the Massachusetts General Hospital. Below is an overview of the many benefits offered. The MGH Institute of Health Professions provides extensive health care benefits, and varying levels of coverage are available, including:

  • Employee
  • Employee and spouse
  • Employee and children
  • Family

Health Care Coverage Options

Medical Coverage
The Institute provides a selection of four plans, ranging from fee-for-service programs to HMOs: Partners Plus, Partners Value, Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan and Tufts Health Plan. Listing of Web sites and provider directories effective January 1, 2012 (PDF)

Prescription Drug Coverage
When employees enroll in a medical plan, they receive prescription drug coverage through CVS Caremark, which offers both retail and mail order drug coverage.

Dental Coverage
The Institute provides two Delta Dental plans: major and basic dental.

Basic vision services are covered using a network of participating optometrists through Davis Vision, with a reduced level of benefit available for out-of-network services.

Extended sick leave (ESL) is used for short-term illnesses and is accrued over time by the employee. Employees can purchase group long-term disability coverage that replaces 60% of pre-disability income (up to a monthly maximum of $6,000 after three months of disability), with specified offsets for other benefits employees receive on account of disability.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Employees are eligible to establish a pretax reimbursement account for health care and/or dependent care expenses. The health care account yearly maximum is $3,000 (pretax), and the dependent care account yearly maximum is $5,000 per family (pretax).

Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

The Institute provides basic life insurance coverage. Employees can purchase additional life insurance and/or accidental death and dismemberment insurance to increase their level of coverage. Employees are also able to purchase coverage for spouse and/or dependents.

FLEX for Your Personal Benefit

FLEX is a comprehensive program that lets employees choose how to allocate benefits credits that the Institute provides as part of the total compensation package. Two types of benefit credits are available under FLEX:

  • Medical participation credits, which are used to purchase health care coverage. The credits vary depending on what type of health care coverage you elect. Employees must elect health care coverage through the Institute to receive the medical participation credits.
  • Basic credits, which are used to purchase your other benefits. To be eligible for benefits, employees must be regularly scheduled to work at least 20 hours a week. Credits are prorated for part-time employees.

Credit Union

All MGH Institute faculty, staff, students and alumni are eligible to join Harvard University Employees Credit Union.

Earned Time

Staff accrue earned time off based on years of service and standard hours. This bank of earned time is used for holidays, illness, vacation or personal days. New full-time employees earn up to 29 days annually (this is prorated for part-time employees). Observed holidays are taken out of employees’ earned time bank.

Faculty are awarded vacation and sick time based on the length of their contract.

Additionally, all Institute employees enjoy a reduced work schedule during the summer months with no effect on their earned time as well as additional time off around the holidays at the end of the year.

Commuter Services

Go to Commuter Services on the MGH Intranet for information on Commuter Services offered.

Employee Resources

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Partners HealthCare Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a workplace-based consultation, short-term counseling, information and referral program for employees and their families, as well as students of the MGH Institute who may be experiencing difficulties that affect their personal lives of work performance.
The EAP offers assistance with all types of personal, family or work-related concerns.

The EAP provides consultation and training to the workplace regarding the impact and resolution of behavioral/mental health and productivity problems; and it provides consultation and crisis intervention to work groups.

The EAP provides free, confidential and voluntary assessments, short-term problem focused counseling and referrals for treatment or other assistance, including a monthly support group for those involved with elder care.

The main EAP office is at 175 Charles River Park at MGH, but they also have offices at different Partners locations in the Greater Boston area, the North Shore, and on Cape Cod.

Call (866) 724-4327 to speak to a counselor. They are there to help.

Useful Resources/Successful Strategies

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Important resource information for students, employees and managers on how to create a welcoming and supportive community for members dealing with mental illness personally or within their families.

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