Academic Leadership Council

The Academic Leadership Council is the key advisory group for the office of the Provost, providing open and honest discussion and debate on issues of importance to the academic community.  The Academic Leadership Council is charged with providing unified strategic direction for the academic programs, consistent with the Institute’s cardinal documents (mission and vision, core values, strategic map), working with the Provost to design leadership opportunities for the academic leaders of the Institute, and setting the agenda for the Academic Council meetings, and for assuring that decisions made by the Academic Council, Executive Council, and Board of Trustees are implemented throughout the academic departments and programs.

Membership of the Academic Leadership Council: Academic Year 2019-2020



Alex Johnson (Chair)

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Peter Cahn (Chair)

Acting Provost for Academic Affairs

Paulette Di Angi

Director of Institutional Effectiveness

James DuPont

Director of Enrollment Services

Heather Easter

Executive Assistant to the Provost

Nara Gavini

Executive Director of Research

Jordan R. Green

Associate Provost for Research

Jack Gormley

Dean of Student and Alumni Services

Michael Iwama

Dean, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Mary Knab

Interim Associate Provost for Interprofessional Education and Practice

Denis Stratford

Associate Vice President for Information Technology, Campus Services and Compliance

Elaine Tagliareni

Interim Dean, School of Nursing