Join the BEAM Team!


The BEAM Lab welcomes IHP graduate students to join our research efforts by applying for one of our Graduate Assistant positions. BEAM Team members gain experience in data collection and analysis of assessment data. Students in the MS-SLP program can also join BEAM research projects to work towards required ASHA clinical hours.

Opportunities for PhD Candidates

Joanna Christodoulou is currently considering PhD Candidates to start in the Fall of 2018. For more information about doctoral programs at the MGH Institute of Health Professions, click here.

Opportunities for Master's-Level Graduate Assistants

The BEAM Lab is home to a number of graduate students at the MGH Institute of Health Professions and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. See below for more information about masters-level programs that support research opportunities in the BEAM Lab.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Research

The BEAM Lab hosts undergraduate interns from institutions around the Greater Boston Area who are interested in learning more about literacy and educational research. Please see our Student Research Initiatives page for more information about our opportunities for undergraduate research.

Interested in joining the BEAM Team? Share your research interests with us!