Student Research Initiatives

Graduate Student Research

The BEAM Lab hosts a number of graduate assistants from the Department of Communication and Sciences Disorders at the MGH Institute each year. Graduate students from the Speech-Language Pathology and Literacy & Language programs work part-time in the lab with roles including assisting with clinical assessment, data collection, data analysis, and other research initiatives.

Pictured: BEAM graduate assistants Olivia Meegoda and Heather Beckius taught young scientists about neuroanatomy at the Cambridge Science Festival in April 2017.

Graduate students in the BEAM Lab play an active role in all aspects of the research process. Graduate posters and publications have been featured at conferences across the country including the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), Society for the Scientific Study of Reading (SSSR), and the Harvard Student Research Conference (SRC).

Pictured: Beam Team member Heather Beckius presented a poster at the 2017 ASHA Convention in Los Angeles, CA.

Graduate students from the MGH Institute complete placements in schools and local clinics as a part of their practicum requirements for the MA-SLP program.

Pictured: BEAM Team member Allegra Le teaches students at Harvard Kent Elementary School as a part of a summer intervention program. The MGH Institute, the BEAM Lab, and Harvard Kent work in collaboration to support both clinical and research opportunities for graduate students.

Undergraduate Internships

The BEAM Lab is proud to partner with Brigham and Women’s Hospital to host undergraduate interns from the Student Success Jobs Program (SSJP) every summer. SSJP aims to introduce high school students to medical, health, and science professions by providing students with internship opportunities each year from high school through college. For more information about the Student Success Jobs Program, visit their website.

We welcome undergraduate research assistants from institutions across the Greater Boston area! For more information about joining the BEAM Team, contact us!

Dessi Miles was an undergraduate intern from UMass Dartmouth during the summer of 2017. Her role in the lab included assisting with data analysis for our summer intervention study, conducting literature reviews to drive future research directions, and helping with recruitment for our imaging studies. 


Mirschille Valmond, a summer undergraduate intern through the SSJP program, works with a student on the Lexia Core5 Intervention Program.



Summer undergraduate BEAM member Lili Uchida works with students at Harvard Kent Elementary School during a summer intervention program to support literacy growth.