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The MGH Institute of Health Professions and Credentials Solutions® have partnered together to provide students with access to an enhanced online transcript ordering system through a secure website. MGH Institute charges $10.00 per transcript. This includes student issued transcripts. Credentials Solutions® charges a $3.00 processing fee for each recipient (transcript addressee.) Order updates will be emailed to you and your order status and history will be available online. NOTE: Official transcripts are printed on Credentials Solutions® secure paper. When mailed, transcripts are placed into security envelopes that once sealed, are considered to be official, safe and secure and do not require the signature of the Registrar.

The MGH Institute of Health Professions is able to provide academic transcripts for all students from the following programs:

  • MGH Institute of Health Professions - All Programs
  • MGH School of Nursing
  • Shepard-Gill School of Practical Nursing
  • MGH Adult Nurse Practitioner Program
  • MGH Respiratory Technician Program

Request instructions

Transcripts can be ordered online. The Registrar’s Office will process transcript orders on Tuesday and Thursday each week during regular business hours. When possible, requests should be made well in advance of the date that the transcript will be needed.

Transcripts will be sent on these days after a request is received, provided the student has no restrictions to prevent this. However, it is always recommended to allow additional time during peak periods as transcript requests can be delayed during these times (Registration, Final Exams, Commencement, Opening of a Semester).

A Picture ID will be required if picking up your transcript from the Office of Student Affairs for identification purposes. If you would like someone else to pick up the transcript you must sign a letter of permission in order for that person to receive the transcript.

To obtain an official copy of your transcript or to have one forwarded to another agency or institution, follow the request instructions below.

Three Ways to Request Your Transcript

1) For Current Students and Alumni of the MGH Institute with an IONLINE account:
(Note: if you have applied to a program at the Institute and need a transcript of Science Prerequisites completed at the IHP sent to our Admissions Office, see option 3 below).

Access your student account through the IONLINE System.

  • Click here to log on to your account via IONLINE.
  • Once logged in, choose "IONLINE for Students"
  • When you arrive at the Student Menu, choose "Transcript Request" which will be found under "Academic Profile".
  • Log-in to the transcript request system.
  • Follow the step-by step directions.

If you do not know or don’t remember your IONLINE user id or password, please use the “What’s My User ID?”, “What’s My Password?” options in the upper right corner of the IONLINE welcome screen.

2) For Alumni of the following:

  • MGH Institute (Without an IONLINE account)
  • MGH School of Nursing
  • Shepard-Gill School of Nursing
  • MGH Respiratory Therapy Program
  • MGH Adult Practitioner Program

You may order your transcripts through
You will need to create your account at this ordering site by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Go to Don’t have an account? Pick MGH Institute of Health Professions from the dropdown and click SIGN UP
  • Step 3: Fill in all of your information on the Recipient Info Screen and click CONTINUE
  • Step 4: Go to the upper right hand corner of the screen and click CONSENT FORM
  • Step 5: Click DOWNLOAD FORM (then OPEN it)
  • Step 6: Print out this form, sign and date it, and fax it to 847-716-3710 or email to
  • Your account is now ready! Anytime you need to order transcripts from the MGH Institute, just login and follow the steps. No need to re-fax anything.

3) For students who have applied to an MGH Institute degree program and completed Science Prerequisites at the Institute. This option is only available to students who have applied for a degree program at the Institute and also took Science Prerequisites here.

For any questions regarding ordering of transcripts, please contact the Registrar's Office.

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