Important Forms

Below you will find important forms (in alphabetical order) used by the Registrar's Office.  All forms are virtual and can be completed and submitted online.

Contact the Registrar's Office with any questions.


  • Change of Grade Scale Form
    Use this form if changing from letter grade to pass/fail option, pass/fail to letter grade option, or change to audit status.
  • Change of Specialization/Track Form
    Nursing and CSD students should use this form to request a change of specialization/track.
  • Diploma Replacement (Ordered through Parchment)
    You will be brought to the Parchment ordering site where you can complete your request for diploma replacement.
  • Drop/Add Form
    This form should only be used if: You are a degree/certificate student and will be dropping all courses for a semester. You have been given permission to add a course that was closed to enrollment. You are a non-degree student dropping or adding any courses.
  • Independent Study Agreement Form
    This form is used to outline the details of an independent study for approval as arrange with the supervising faculty member.
  • Name Change Form
    This form is used when changing your legal name as it currently appears on our student information system.
  • Petition for Course Replacement Form
    Use this form when petitioning to replace an IHP course requirement by exemption, transfer credit, or advanced placement exam.
  • PhD Transfer Course Request Form
    This form is used to request a transfer of credit approval from a sponsoring Institution PRIOR TO START OF CLASS.
  • Program Change/Addition Form
    This form should only be used if you are a current degree/certificate student and wish to request a complete change of degree/certificate program or addition of another degree/certificate program to your currently active program.  Use the Specialization/Track Change form if you are a Nursing of CSD student requesting just a specialization/track change.
  • Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form
    Use this form if you are withdrawing from the Institute with no plan on returning or if you plan to take a temporary Leave of Absence.
  • Return from Leave of Absence Form
    Use this form to request approval for a return to your studies after an approved leave of absence.  Submit this required form at least one month prior to your return to studies.


  • Authorization to Disclose Information Form
    Use this form to authorize or un-authorize a specific individual (e.g. Parent, Spouse) access to your student records while you are in attendance at the MGH Institute.
  • Authorization to Release Information Form 
    Use this form to authorize the release of information from your educational record to a third party individual or agency for up to one year for the purposes of letters of recommendation/evaluation. 
  • Privacy Declaration Form
    Use this form to request that your directory information be withheld. If you request that we withhold your directory information, ALL REQUESTS for information from non-­institutional persons or organizations will be refused without your written authorization, except where required by law.


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