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Preparing Documents for Licensure

School of Nursing

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

School of Nursing

BSN Students:

  1. You will submit an online application to the Massachusetts Board of Nursing upon completion of Role Immersion.
  2. Once your degree has been conferred, request an official copy of your academic transcript for Professional Credential Service (PCS) for Massachusetts licensure only  through your IOnline account.  Transcript will be processed through our Parchment transcript ordering system.
    Note: for all other states, please follow their state requirements for licensure. 
  3. A certification of graduation form provided by the School of Nursing will also be forwarded to PCS by the Registrar's Office.

Masters Students (Post-Licensure) Track Certification (All tracks with the exception of Pediatric):

  1. Upon graduation, visit the ANCC website to obtain track validation application.
  2. Submit the completed application to your track coordinator in the School of Nursing for submission to ANCC.
  3. Order an official transcript using your IOnline account to be sent to APRNValidation@ana.org . Transcript will be processed through our Parchment transcript ordering system.

Masters Students (Post-Licensure) - (Pediatric Track):

  1. Upon graduation, the Registrar's Office will submit a letter of completion to the Pediatric Nurse Certification Board (PNCB).
  2. Order an official transcript using your IONLINE account to be sent to PNCB. Transcript will be processed through our Parchment transcript ordering system.

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Physical Therapy Department

Master of Science in Physical Therapy Students and Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy Students (seeking DPT licensure)::

  1. Obtain application forms from Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy (FCCPT) or VisaScreen (CGNFS).
  2. Download Course Syllabi from either your D2L account or from IWARE (contact IT department for access to IWARE), or contact the PT program directly if you cannot access these systems. Once you have downloaded all appropriate syllabi, forward to the Registrar's Office along with your FCCPT or CGNFS forms. Be sure to include file indicator number with FCCPT forms or order number with CGNFS forms. NOTE: The Registrar's Office does not hold course syllabi and it is your responsibility to obtain these documents before submitting your forms. 
  3. Send completed forms and all supporting documents to Registrar's Office for completion.
  4. Order an official transcript using your IONLINE account and be sure to specify which agency it will be sent to. This transcript will be included with all documents being sent from the Registrar's Office once completed.

Doctor of Physical Therapy (Entry Level) Students:

  1. For licensure in Massachusetts, a certificate of completion form will be completed by the Registrar's Office upon completion of your internship and will be submitted to the Professional Credentialing Service for a January licensure exam date.
  2. Order an official transcript using your IONLINE one week prior to your official graduation date to be sent to your State destination of choice. When ordering, be sure to note that the transcript should be sent once degree has been conferred. This will alert the Registrar to hold off on sending until your actual degree is noted on the transcript.
  3. For all other states, deliver necessary application forms to the Registrar's Office for completion and submission. Follow the instructions above for ordering official transcripts to be sent to the appropriate agency.

Physician Assistant Studies Students:

You must submit an application and $500 payment in advance to take PANCE. You may schedule your exam anytime (depending on testing center availability) within the 180 day timeframe established for you based on your expected graduation date and the successful submission of all required materials to NCCPA. The five-hour PANCE exam includes 300 multiple-choice questions administered in five blocks of 60 questions with 60 minutes to complete each block. There is a total of 45 minutes allotted for breaks between blocks and you will be responsible for managing your break time. You will have 15 minutes to complete the PANCE tutorial.

Please visit the NCCPA website for more information on becoming certified.

Doctor of Occupational Therapy Students:

  • Step 1 - Graduate. You can't do any of the other steps until you graduate.  So, hang in there!
  • Step 2 - Apply for the NBCOT Exam. Request an official copy of your transcript from the Registrar's Office once your degree date and title has been noted (happens on your official graduation date).
    Apply HERE.
  • Step 3: Schedule the Exam at a Prometric Site.  You can do this after you receive your Authorization to Test Letter from NBCOT.
  • Step 4: Take the Exam.  You can check your Pass/Fail status on the NBCOT Website.  You will also receive an email when scores are posted.
  • Step 5: Apply for State Licensure. Individual states have different processes and requirements.  Check out these helpful links for more information: 
    - State OT Statutes and Regulations OT Regulatory

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