Online Prerequisites: Registration Information

Registration for Summer is open.

Registration options for prerequisite courses:

Option 1: Standard Registration without any discounts or vouchers applied to payment:

For those students who are not eligible for any available discounts or voucher usage, registration/automatic payment can be completed online.  Payment is made by using credit card or ACH when using this option.
When using this option, your registration is confirmed immediately.  Click the "Register" button on any course in the course listings to use this option.

Option 2: Registration for MGB Employees eligible for discount, Voucher Recipients, or new International Students with no Social Security number:

Registration and payment information can be submitted online using this form: 

When using this option, your registration will be confirmed once the full payment has been submitted, according to the directions on the registration form.

Option 3: Discounted registration for Veterans and applicants who have completed an IHP application for admission:

Registration and payment for Veterans and applicants with a completed IHP application for admission can be submitted online using this form:

When registering using either of the above options and you choose payment through our Nelnet Campus Commerce payment plan, note the following:

By choosing this option, you agree to set up an arrangement with Nelnet Campus Commerce that will allow you to pay your tuition in two equal payments. One at the time of registration, and the other due by the end of the 1st month of the semester. You will also be responsible for a service fee of $50.00 for each semester that you choose this option. If payment is not made in full by the end of the 1st month of the semester, you will automatically be dropped from your course(s).

To use this option, please visit the Nelnet Campus Commerce Payment Plan website to set up your account; you must enroll in a payment plan by June 6, 2022 for the summer term. Your registration will be processed after you have set up your payment plan with Nelnet Campus Commerce, made your 1st payment, and sent a receipt of your transaction to

Note - payment is required at the time of registration regardless of which option chosen above.

Tuition Information for Science Prerequisite courses

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Non-Degree Student Contact Information

Laura Stengle
Assistant Registrar
for Non-Degree Programs,
New Student Liaison

Office of Enrollment Services
Building 34, Room 104
Phone: (617) 643-2126
Fax: (617) 724-3849


Student Feedback:

"What I like the most about the IHP's prerequisites is how the online format allows for the interjection of incredibly helpful material. This material includes links to videos and animations of DNA transcription and translation, and interactive games for dialing in the names of all the muscles in the body."

~ Sean Doherty, MGH IHP Online Prerequisites Student