Students Talk About Taking Online Prerequisite Courses at the MGH Institute

There are myriad reasons why students take Online Prerequisites for the Health Professions at MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston. We invite you to read their stories.


Photo of Athena Argyropoulos

Athena Argyropoulos: Online Prerequisites Help Student Become a Nurse





Photo of Sean Doherty


Sean Doherty: Online Courses the Right Fit for Paramedic




Photo of Jonathan Gerbode-Grant


Jonathan Gerbode-Grant: Embracing the Challenge of Hard Work




Photo of Scott McIntyre


Scott McIntyre: Getting a Broader Perspective from Fellow Students




Photo of Colleen Reynolds


Colleen ReynoldsOnline Courses Prepare Student to Pursue Her Master’s Degree




Photo of Kirsten Ross


Kirsten Ross: Expert Faculty is the Draw