Online Prerequisites: Assuring High Quality in Our Labs

Our instructors and lab manager continue to explore the variety of options available for alternative laboratory learning to assure that we are using the most current and effective technology available. All of our lab-related faculty hold PhDs in their fields and are active in research or clinical practice, and thus are ideally positioned to design the laboratory learning experiences best suited to future health care providers.

To assure that all the work attributed to an individual student is actually being done by that student, each student’s performance in his/her labs is triangulated with other work in the course: performance on quizzes, exams, other writing assignments, and participation in weekly discussions.

Student learning in alternative labs is often enhanced in comparison to onsite labs as the alternative approaches actually allow the learner to repeat the lab experience as often as necessary to absorb and master the concepts demonstrated by each lab. This repetition may not be possible in onsite lab courses.

Still, sometimes learners struggle with the concepts and lab activities; each student in the Prerequisite program has access to course instructor, lab instructor and, when approved by the instructor, up to 30” per week of free 1:1 tutoring with the lab instructor throughout each course.

To learn about specific content provided in each of our labs, please consult the Syllabus overview for the course you are interested in. 

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