Online Prerequisites: Recreating Laboratory Learning for the Online Student

Distant Lab Experience

All our courses incorporate hands on learning to ensure that students get the full experience that is expected in a lab course. We use a mix of resources including pre-packaged lab kits from eScience. These lab kits contain the instructions and materials each student will need to safely complete the experiment. In many cases, it is possible for the student to repeat the experiment as needed to gain full understanding. Read more about eScience Labs.

Virtual Labs

When it is not possible to recreate a laboratory environment in the student’s home, labs might be completed using a graphic interface program. For example, students in Anatomy and Physiology work in a virtual lab to dissect actual cadavers using a graphic interface. This program additionally provides students with independent self-assessments that are supplemented with regular quizzes and graded reports to ensure that students receive prompt and detailed assessment of their knowledge and understanding.

In each course and each lab, our goal is to assure that students master the concepts that are foundational to that science. Furthermore, the laboratory content of our courses is designed to integrate with didactic content and online discussions to guide students to make connections relevant to the practice of health care.

Regardless of which type of laboratory learning you are engaged in, you will complete all the steps of an onsite lab: following the lab manual to complete the learning activity, analyzing and describing your outcomes in a lab report, and identifying relevant connections to the didactic content of the course,.

Your instructor and the lab manager will grade your work and be available for questions, assistance and support. You will explore and discuss the activities in each lab via asynchronous discussions with the lab instructor, course instructor, and other students. In addition, real-time discussions may also be offered by the course instructor and lab instructor.

Labs at the IHP

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5 Questions (and Answers!) about Taking Online Labs

We get a lot of questions about how the labs that accompany our online courses in Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Chemistry, and Physics, actually “work.” So we wrote this guide!